Chihuly in Nature, Kew Gardens

I was first introduced to Chihuly on one of my first trips to the Victoria and Albert Museum, with a stunning piece floating in the entrance hall. It was a mixture of wonder, beauty and awe. How on earth could it be suspended in the air? How did they ship it over? Will it fall on me? and of course Wow How can it be so beautiful?

Dale Chihuly is an American Artist who works as a glass sculptor, he learnt the art of glass creating and blowing at some of the best institutes in the world including the Venini Factory in Murano.

This year at Kew Garden’s Chihuly has really put on a stunning show for the people visiting. Showcasing some old and new pieces, each piece fits perfectly into its landscape.


Your first vision of Chihuly is the Sapphire Star which is nested next to the Temple of Bellonia, giving the feel of a star has fallen down to earth from the gods and the gods can watch it from their temple, especially with the Oak tree framing it so beautifully.

Outside the Palm House is a piece that is as hot as the Summer Sun. It twists and turns with so much texture and warm colours, it is stunning as you get to look as close as possible.

Inside the Waterlily House was by far one of my favourites where the art pieces look like an extension of the lily pads they sit upon. It does feel like a fantasy as the glass flowers are flowers you wish where in your living room to admire each day.


As you made your way towards the Temperate House you will be able to weave your way around many stunning pieces such as Cattails and Copper Birch Reeds which is nested in a field of wild grass. The Temperate House is the place to see and be over-whelmed by the huge amount of art installations. There is a central flower chandelier wrapping around each other with the brightest blue petals and yellow sickles searching for sunshine.

Below under this sun inside the Temperate House the room has somewhat been divided into the elements. There is a selection of blue & white glass pieces that look like water, green glass ferns next to a waterfall for earth, red glass that seems to flicker in the trees for fire and blue pieces that twist and turn for air.

There is so much to discover in Kew Garden’s with all the art pieces by Chihuly. Each piece will amaze you at its ingenuity, its splendour and it will affect everyone in a different way. This is one of the best art x nature experience you will be admire of for a long time.

You can catch Chihuly’s collection from 13 April to 27 October 2019 which is included in your ticket to Kew Gardens.

Chihuly Nights is another extension of Chihuly and Kew Gardens collaboration, where you get to stroll around the gardens of a evening while the world is beginning to sleep.

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