A Day trip to Florence

What does a day trip to Florence consist of you wonder. How much can you do in a day? Well I am lucky enough to been able to have gone to Florence many times over the last few years being able to discover the ins and outs of this beautiful city nested in the middle of Tuscany.

We only had a day from Venice to head over, to do what we love in Florence which is shopping, eating, enjoying the sun and taking in this richly artist & cultured city. Lucky enough for us I discovered a digital art immersive experience last time I was in Florence (Monet Experience in Florence). The company host’s incredible shows, covering some of the greatest Artist not to mention that most of the shows are about the Impressionism Period which is my favourite by far, this time they had Vincent Van Gogh.


So it was the perfect excuse to hop on the train to travel from Venice to Florence, it takes around 2 hours to travel between the cities via a semi fast travel, taking in the rolling hills of Tuscany as we moved away from the heavy mist that had descended Venice that morning.

We had landed in the heart of Florence and it was sunny so it was the perfect day to stroll around the city.


We headed down the main route Via dei Calzaiuoli which allows you to stop of all the iconic views such as ;

  • Il Duomo - Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is the most stunning Cathedral in Florence, covered in incredible marble of white, pink and green. It the the image of Florence for me. The interior is so rich and it is a sight to see up close and from miles away.

  • Battistero di San Giovanni - Opposite Il Duomo is the Baptistery of Florence, it mirrors the Cathedral that shadows it. It is a unique building that is an octagon in shape along with a ceiling that is a stunning gold mosaic treat.

  • Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele- We just happened to see that the door was open to this church and what an incredible unique church this was. A small square church with the marble and vibrant altar to the right of the church. A nice little quiet moment in Florence.

  • Piazza della Signoria- It is the main square in Florence, it has been a place of politics to nowadays where many festivals happen. With the sun shining on your face, so much history in this place and horses with their chariots crossing the square.

  • Palazzo Vecchio - A 13th Century fortress that has been a seat of power in Florence since its conception. An incredible feet of architecture inside and out and is worth a chance to discover its history.

  • Statue of David- A tease of the Statue of David made by Michelangelo. It is wonderful to see a replica of the statue in the heart of Florence.

  • Uffizi Gallery - Has been a famous art gallery since the 1700s hosting some of the most iconic paintings in history such as one of my favourites Titan’s Venus of Urbino & Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Once own by the Medici family it is a must visit for those art lovers and not to mentions the views of Florence from the windows.

  • Piazzale degli Uffizi - I always enjoy walking down this route as it host statues of some of the greatest minds of the Renaissance period with street performers, artist and musicians bringing the city alive.

You can pop in and out to visit all these incredible places as you stroll through Florence, every thing is incredibly spectacular. There are normally queues so popping in and out is made hard but what I suggest which is a life saver is investing in a Firenze Card which allows you to visit all the iconic sights of Florence and lets you skip the line. The card last for 72 hours so it is perfect for a 3 day trip, but it is still incredibly useful if you have a tick list.


All these pitstop will lead you to the river that runs through Florence and opens you up to the most stunning view of the Ponte Vecchio. The Ponte Vecchio is one of my favourite spots in Florence, it is incredibly beautiful with richly coloured buildings, it host a array of shops to purchase stunning jewellery shops, magicians and musicians. (It is a must place visit in the evening too to soak in the atmosphere)

Mum and I love moments on this bridge as we get to window shop and sit & watching to world in Florence go by. Nothing is more special than looking out in the world from the Ponte Vecchio, make sure you go on either side for some delicious Gelato at Antica Pasticceria Maioli which a huge and delicious. Then back on the other side going to a stunning shop that sells the finest gloves at the Martelli Glove Factory.


But in the middle is why we came to Florence for the day, the Van Gogh & I Maledetti at the Church of Santo Stefano nested in a back street, blink once and you’ll miss it. Going underneath the church and through the crypt you will walk into the centre of the church to an array of bright brilliant paintings of Van Gogh all over the walls, it is truly incredible. Being able to feel like you have stepped in the mind and world of Van Gogh is an wonderful experience, I would suggest to everyone to go to this Church when they have a digital art experience so check out the website for the next show in Florence.

For Lunch you must stop at my favourite restaurant in the whole of Florence is Osteria Vecchio Vicolo, I can spend days indulging in the delicious variety of food and taste buds will go off the chart from the Quattro Stagioni to the platters of Ham, Cheese & Fresh Tomatoes and the Chianti Wine. Yummo!!!


The perfect way to spend the rest of the day is just strolling the streets, taking in the atmosphere, eating the little pastries or more gelato, stopping at a wine bar to taste the local wine but most importantly is shopping for handbags at Mercato del Porcellino as you can never go wrong. Why not even make a wish to the Boar Fontana di Porcellino by placing your hand in his mouth with a coin and wishing you will come back to Florence to spend more time here, living a life in Florence.

Ciao xx