The Favourite at Historic Palaces

One of my favourite films this year was The Favourite that told the story of Queen Anne; The Last Stuart on the Throne as 2 courtiers Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough and Abigail Masham battle it out with a game of wit and seduction to be the favourite of Queen Anne. Starring in the film is Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. It is a werid and wonderful dark period comedy that I would suggest to everyone to watch from the script, to cinematography, to locations and the stunning costumes.


The Costumes where by far some of the best of the Stuart Period I have seen on the screen, designed by the wonderful Sandy Powell, who has won 3 Oscars for her large catalogue of work. Her designs are all iconic with each character having a back story with their costumes and character development such as Abigail who starts off in kitchen robes made of denim that was recycled from a charity shop to getting upgrading to costumes that mirror Sarah to finally the showier and bold courtier dresses to match Sarah and Queen Anne.

Queen Anne had two extreme opposite iconic looks from her dressing gown that highlights her sickness that she suffered all her life to her Royal Statement Costume with her regal dress for Court.


Sarah, Duchess of Malborough had a selection of masculine dresses and a gentleman’s frock coat. It felt like she was highlighter she was the man in Queen Anne’s life and technically wore the pants in that relationship. She was always highlighted as regal, tall and powerful with the aura of what seems like a power suits.


All the woman in the film wore a palette of Black and White using a mixture of modern fabrics, lazor cut trimmings and seeing the passion sewn into each garment. While the gentlemen where in the extreme opposite as they were the peacocks of the court with the elaborate wigs, frilly frock coats and a bold colour patterns as the Tories and Whigs wore only Blue & Red.


"Normally films are filled with men and the women are the decoration in the background, and I’ve done many of those, so it was quite nice for it to be reversed this time where the women are the centre of the film and the men are the decoration in the background. Of course, they’ve got serious, important parts, but I think the frivolity of them is quite funny."


The Costumes from The Favourite have been touring the Historic Palaces at Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace which is perfect as Queen Anne lived and died at Kensington Palace where you can visit her stately rooms during your visit. As well as Hampton Court Palace which was home to alot of the filming of the movie as well as Queen Anne completed the building of the baroque palace. These where the perfect locations to visit and house the Costumes. The costumes up close where even better that I imagined they would be, it was wonderful to get up and close with them as you got to see the wonderful detail and the talents of the costume team. The whole costume team should be proud as everyone around me exclamated oooh and ahhh, wanting to look closer at the details. It gave me jealously that I missed out working on these stunning costumes and wish I got to see them being worn by the cast every day but I am so lucky that The Favourite and Historic Royal Palaces joined together to showcase these stunning Costumes giving all the fans of Queen Anne and the film a moment to step into another world.

I am lucky enough to be a member of Historic Royal Palaces where I get to visit whenever I want all year round and join in the many different festivals, talks and upcoming events that they have. If you are a history buff like me I would highly suggest joining and seeing what you will discover in these wonderful Palaces in London.