Colombian Orchids at Kew

I think I have found a new thing to do every February- March when the sky is miserable outside. Last year I learnt about the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens but what they do is that on Friday Nights they open up the Princess of Wales Conservatory for a party that matches the theme of the Orchid Festival. For last year’s Thai Orchid Festival have a look at my blog.

This year it worked out perfectly as my Mother would be spending the month with me (thank god I would have someone after the nice summer I had to ease back into life) I wanted to take her with me as I loved last year so much, I wanted to share this experience with her.

This year Kew was putting on a Colombian Orchid Festival, I honestly thought it wouldn’t be the same as last year and boy I was wrong, it was even better than last year. I don’t know if it is because my Mum was with me or that the festival was a bigger hit.

As per usual the weather was grim and rainy but I loved that as it lit up the gardens as they glistened and the path lights spread their light in the water. These Orchids were unique and so different especially after just spending time in Singapore it was nice to be introduced to a new thing. There were wonderful sculptures made from Colombian Plants such as a Jaguar and a Sloth hanging from the ceiling. Pineapples and Orchids joined together and so much rich colour, it was wonderful to twist and turn along the path discovering what was created by the gardeners.

It was a rainbow jungle that we got to discover with only the passion for my flowers in my life growing and to get on a plane sooner to discover the beauties of Colombia.

There was a variety of bars serving unique spicy cocktails, a crafting station where we made a huge paper flower (which takes pride of place at my front door), dancers dancing the salsa where of course I had to dance too and a band playing intoxicating Colombian Music. There was even a food truck selling spicy Colombian food.

What an event it was to enjoy in the middle of winter. I think this will be my winter treat from now on as I get to go into a world of colour, discover a unique culture and get a hit of flowers when the trees are bare.

Kew Gardens has many different events all year round so why not follow their website to see what is going on that month and if you can join in their festivities. I already have my next adventure lined up.

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