Oh Dior in London

Oh Dior, how I love thee! The finest cuts to make a suit and the most elegant embroidery to make you bloom.

Dior is really one of the best Couturiers in the world, even thought I am extremely bias to the whole situation as I love a Dior moment.


In 2017 Dior celebrated its 70th anniversary since the house was opened by Christian Dior who created the icon New Look where it gave women an unique look after all the trauma that World War II left behind. Dior has been a strong fashion icon all those years as it gets better and better as each new Designer bring a something new to the table.

I went to Paris for the original Dior 70th anniversary exhibit in Paris and WOW was I blown away, based in 2 buildings on the corner of the Louvre Museum, I was sent into a magical world which I feel I belong to. I told every one to go to Paris for a magical weekend to see Dior.

Now by chance they have made their way over the English Channel/La Manche to London to bring us a version of the Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A museum.


It has been in hot demand for tickets and tickets sold out fast, that they had to extend the show. I am going to be honest with this blog about my experience so I am sorry if it cases shock. Now when you are exhausted DO NOT buy tickets, my Mother was coming back with me from Australia to spend a few weeks in London. So you know how February and March have the same dates... yes I bought my tickets a month early! WHAT AN IDIOT!! So we spent so much time looking for new tickets while she was here, I really wanted her to see the exhibit as I felt she had missed out in Paris. We looked and looked but couldn't find anything until I came upon an article saying the only way to see Dior is by becoming a member of the V&A. I had looked into this before but was turned away by the price, but we decided to give it ago this year, there was no harm as I probably would visit the Dior exhibit again and there were some great exhibits coming up.


Once we got to the V&A, we quickly discovered that we where not the only ones with this idea and the queue for members entry into the exhibit was longer than the ticketed one. (Now I do love a good conspiracy theory and I do wonder if this was done in purpose by the V&A for extra money, but that is my option. But I also know they are finding it hard to keep up with all the new members)

So moving on from that the exhibit was a smaller version of the Paris exhibit with the highlights such as the toile room, a miniature rainbow, highlights from its head designers and so much more.

I need to go back again to be able to enjoy it more as the exhibit was overloaded with people and now that the exhibit has extended maybe it will have less people. I will not give it my final review until going maybe mid week as the door opens, it could be less of queue. But it always is charming to see iconic Dior couture from the famous New Look dress to the newer designs as my new favourite the Tarot Card Jacket.

The Dior: Designer of Dreams runs at the V&A Museum until September 2019, it is Sold Out currently but you never know if they will realise more tickets or maybe you will become a member. But it is a great exhibit to see if you love couturier and fashion, more importantly the charm of Dior.