Quirky places to Eat in Sydney

I love going back to Sydney as ther cafe culture has always been amazing from Avocado Toast to Banana Bread and a Soy Latte. I always love to over eat when I go home, I have some of my favourites I love to eat at but I enjoy discovering some really unique places to eat out at, as nowadays is almost an art formthat allows a transportation into another world.


The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is quite an iconic place for eating in Sydney. Located just outside the city centre but easy to reach via bus and train The Grounds is made up of a few cafes such as The Potting Shed, The Cafe, The Garden, a Bakery and even a florist. It has the feeling of a village where you get to explore each part that has been established as unique garden and dining spaces. They create spectacular themes every few months such a Cherry Blossom alleyway, feathers teepees and the latest being a Neon Easter Egg Labyrinth. I hate to say it is totally Instagram but it is an exploration into a wonderful creative world.


I haven’t even gotten to the food yet. It is so delicious, I found myself in The Potting Shed eating the tastiest Crab Pasta, topped off the a Pina Colada with a Sunflower as you do. The Potting Shed is a lunch and evening menu that allows you to indulge in 3 course menus. The other parts of The Grounds open from early morning to late afternoon.

Building 7A, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria, 2015


Social Hideout

I just happened upon the Social Hideout as it popped up in my Instagram feed. It is located nearby to The Grounds of Alexandra and don’t be fooled by its outside because once you enter the inside it is like taking a trip down the Rabbit Hole with Alice and speaking to the Flowers. Covered head to toe is lush pink and purple flowers in some French Village all topped off with Neon Lights. Once you can get your eyes off the ceiling and walls you will fall in love with the menu.


For me the highlight was having Brunch there, where I encourage you to try The Green Frenchy. It is an overdose of taste, colour, fruit and to topped it off them toasted the banana in front of your very eyes. It is truly a charming experience to lick your chops at.

Shop 4&5/25-33 Allen St, Waterloo 2017


Cuppa Flower

Now Cuppa Flower is literally just around the corner from Social Hideout. I had heard about this place before that had a nice atmosphere, decor, food, drinks and being a florist too. I took up this advice and my have done something I swore I would never do…

I asked for a drink off there Instagram (oh the shame) but they where super nice about it and I was told I had to try it. It was strawberry milk heaven topped off with fairy floss. Perfectly quirky and yummy.

Shop 1, 15 Allen St, Waterloo 2017

IMG_1849 (2).JPG

Aqua S

Now there is Ice Cream and there is Ice Cream!, Aqua S is most certainly the second. Hidden just off George Street in Sydney, blink and you will miss it but it is something not to be missed with a selection of flavours from Sea Salt, Caramel Fudge, Watermelon Pear, Mango Passionfruit and many more flavours. You can make the Ice Cream more epic by topping it off with a toasted marshmallow, popcorn or just like my experience of having fairy floss around it! Amazing idea but you need a team to help you out, all I had where Ibis Birds (aka Bin Chickens) trying to eat my delicious Ice Cream.

27/501 George St , Sydney, 2000


The Botanica Vaucluse

The Botanica Vaucluse is really a local spot, located near The Gap on the edge of Sydney before it hits the Pacific Ocean. The Botanica Vaucluse is for me escaping to my dream living space as the walls are draped in warm green illustrations, plants on every corner and the coziest soft blush pink chairs I wish I had a massive suitcase to take it home with me.

The food is so scrumptious with all produce coming from their farm in the Jamison Valley and local gardens. There is such a selection of meals that is will appeal to everyone and will make you want to come back for more and see how they can please your taste buds.


They are open all day from Breakfast to Dinner, if you really want to ensure you don’t miss out make sure you book a table beforehand.

2 Laguna Street, Vaucluse, 2030


Opera Bar

The Opera Bar is not really quirky to a Sydney-sider but to this girl who lives in London, it blows my mind every time I go home. Situated on Sydney Harbour underneath the Opera House it has stunning panoramic views of the harbour. Open every day you can enjoy the views while enjoying cooling drinks, a huge selection of food and live bands every day. It is an incredible atmosphere that makes you feel like the coolest Sydney Sider every time you visit. It is one of the best spots in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House, Lower Concourse Level, Sydney, 2000



Also in Circular Quay Hacienda Sydney takes you on a higher view of the Harbour. Again another interior colourful experience for me with the deep green plants and blush pink sofas. They have a huge selection of drinks and cocktails as you lounge watching the ferries come in and out of the quay. Along with great finger food for tasting. It is open every day from midday to late so you will get the best of the view at any time of the day.

Level 3, 61 Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000


Butchers Block

I am not sure if this is coincided quirky but it is sure tasty and a little bit quirky as the bathroom door handle is a meat chopper. The Butchers Block has always been a favourite cafe for me, it originally opened in Wahroonga on the North Shore but now it has got a second location at Barangaroo. It is open all day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I always have to get a breakfast there with sourdough bread, avocado, tomatoes and eggs it is the best brekkie in town. They also have cronuts covered in chocolate pieces

Tower 1, 100 Barangaroo Avenue

I feel like each time I go back to Sydney now I am finding new things and more quirky places to feast at. I hope this inspires you to try out these amazing restaurants and makes you want to find more quirky places to enjoy in Sydney.