A Weekend away in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains has always been the ideal escape to visit on the weekends, either stopping in one of the local townships or just a pit stop as you cross country.

The Blue Mountains is a place with beautiful landscapes, cafes and restaurants with delicious foods, art work draped everywhere and a sense of another world. It truly is an enchanting place to visit, you will instantly feel relaxed and not what to leave this lush place.

In this blog I will share my perfect 3 day weekend trip in the Blue Mountains

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I found it easier to drive up to the Blue Mountains as it allows you more control of your trip as well as being able to explore further. Most important it is faster to travel there by car.

It is better to leave after 9am which allows you to avoid the peak hour traffic and will get you into the heart of the Blue Mountains just in time for morning tea.

For morning tea it is ideal to stop in Leura where there is a huge cafe culture with so many wonderful places to enjoy. Nothing beats a Lamington Cake or Cinnamon Toast with a Iced Chocolate or a piping hot latte. Some of the cafes I enjoy to eat at are

  • Cafe Madeline: which is a little gem with such a selection of Australian Cafe food.

  • Bon Ton: has been there as long as I can remember. It is in a charming Old House on the corner of the main street with a garden to bask in. It is open every day, with a brunch menu and lunch menu, along with it becoming a Wine Bar at night.


A great way to walk off the over eating of so much cake is by enjoying walking up and down the main street in Leura. The streets of Leura are lined with a collection of shops to enjoy from Vintage, to Fashion, Quirky Bits & Bobs, Homewares and Food.

I have shared with you some of the shops that I couldn’t get enough of.

  • Teddy Sinclair: It is a medina of bizarre treasures from Banana Lamps to unique Jewellery to bags and clothing. It is such a selection of cool things.

  • The Leura Emporium: It is hidden just off the main road, but it is a path you must follow. It is filled floor to ceiling of so many treasures from a time gone by.

  • Parker Lane Studio: Is on the way to the Emporium, it is full of vintage clothes that are beautiful, it is hard not to over buy there.

  • Few & Far: is the perfect place for homewares, it will give you such inspiration to restyle your whole house. Bring a big bag for all the goodies you want.

  • The Nook: A place where I bought my first pair of earrings. It is a nook that is full of treasures made by local artists from felted scarves to knitted toys and unique jewellery.

  • The Candy Shop: saved the best to last. This was my favourite shop in Leura for most of my life. When we visited we where encouraged to try something new and what a selection of sweets and lollies that they have in this shop. Yummo


After visiting the heart of Leura we drove along the outskirts of Leura looking for the Leura Cascades. We found them hidden between the Gum Trees and Ferns, it is a charming walk amongst the nature. Walk as long as you want enjoying the cool sun pouring through, the sounds of the water trickling past and the Lyrebirds singing. If you feel up to it why not try the Fern Bower Circuit which is a 4km walk.

By now we were exhausted, so we headed to our hotel in Blackheath. We choose to stay in Blackheath as it was a good base in the middle of the Mountains, I also really wanted to stay in a Motel again as it was always a fond moment for me growing up, not to mention not having to look for a car spot for the evening.


After a lovely nap, we decided to explore a place to enjoy the afternoon glow. Govetts Leap was the perfect place to watch the world go by. It has panoramic views of the breathtaking landscape that is the Blue Mountains as you get to enjoy the valleys lined with eucalyptus trees, the mountain ridges as well as a waterfall to top it all off. It is the perfect place to take in the world.

To finish off our day, we were lucky enough to be staying in a town that had so many amazing restaurants. So we decided to try out Cinnabar which says you can Travel the World in one night, I was sold on the idea. With a selection of foods from the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa with a great drinks to try. It was such a lovely experience with delicious foods, a warm atmosphere and the most lovely service you felt like one of the family.


Today we decided to wake up a little bit early to head to Katoomba to enjoy seeing the Three Sisters in the calm, but first we had to stop for a pastry and coffee at the Sourdough Bakery in Blackheath. We headed down to Katoomba around 9am to stop at Echo Point where you can actually park the car if you get there early enough. The Three Sisters are a iconic landscape to experience as it towers over the valleys and mountain ridges. The Three Sisters come from an Aboriginal Story where 3 sisters where turned into stone to project them from being taken by some other men from a neighbouring tribe.

Around the Three Sisters there are many walks that will take you into the valley and along the mountain ridges. We decided to take an easy walk by walking the Giant Stairway, it takes you from the Three Sisters around the ridges down to a steep (OMG) staircase that takes you to the base of one of the sisters, the views are absolutely stunning as well as being amongst Australian Flora and Fauna. It was one of the best walks to take.


After your walk you can head over to Scenic World to experience the Blue Mountains in a different way. Scenic World includes a Cableway, Skyway which takes you over Katoomba Falls and my favourite of the Scenic Railway which is the steepest incline railway in the world that takes you to the base of the valley with a walkway twisting and turning amongst the valley floor.

By now it would be time for Lunch, we headed to Katoomba to enjoy the town and have a delicious lunch. There are so many options to eat at in Katoomba from high end restaurants to take away and cafes. Some of the cafes that we have enjoyed are.

  • Hominy Bakery: is filled with such a treasure trove of bakery delights, you will find it hard to not over indulge. From Australian classics and pastry from around the world.

  • Pomegranate: is a yummy selection of foods and drinks. It is one not to miss out on.

  • Yellow Deli: is something I have passed before and it looks super quirky with a great looking menu, that is a must next time.


When walking around Katoomba make sure you take in all of the stunning Street Art, it is truly breathtaking and created by local artists, you can find some of the best artwork down Beverly Place.

We headed back to our motel to another nap (we love to have naps in the afternoon). We found ourselves heading back into Blackheath for dinner at a true gem the Piedmont Inn which the most incredible pizza. It is best to book a table beforehand as it is so popular and you can see why once you have your first bite.


For our last day in the Blue Mountains we had a little sleep in before strolling down to Blackheath for a small nibble to last us before our epic experience later on in the day. But we where able to explore wonderful things in Blackheath such as the Victory Theatre Centre which is a Aladdin’s Cave of Antiques, next to the centre is the most stunning Mural painted but Local Artist and most fabulous textiles designer Jenny Kee it is a wonderful tribute to life in the Blue Mountains showcasing Australian Flora and Fauna.


We headed down to Medlow Bath to experience High Tea at the Hydro Majestic Hotel. The Hydro Majestic has been around for over 100 years, situated on the perfect spot to have the most breathtaking views of the Megalong Valley. The High Tea experience allows you to enjoy the views with sipping tea that blossoms and a huge selection of cakes and savory snacks. It is a great way to enjoy the end of seeing the Blue Mountains and having a wonderful weekend with my Mum.


On the way home we decided to have a Why Not! moment by stopping off at the Norman Lindsay House & Gallery. His home is a great Federation House with the interior filled with his works from his Muses dancing to the famous Magic Pudding. The Gardens hold statues of his along with lush nature you can see why he was so inspired here.


We had such a great weekend together Mum and I. We got to rediscover places we have always loved and discover things we had no idea where in the Blue Mountains. It really is an enchanting place full of Nature, art every where you look and places to feast until you realise you need to name your food baby.

I hope this inspires you to adventure to the Blue Mountains and have a wonderful weekend away.


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