Alice through the Winterland

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite stories, it is a weird and wonderful place to go to explore the world of imagination. From the novel, to the Disney film and the multiple films about it as well as the Ballet and Theatre shows. It inspires me every time I see with as there is a unique twist each person brings to it. Alice in Winterland is another fantastic string to its bow of adaptions of the beloved story.

Alice In Winterland is at Southwark Park in London. It goes into the stories of Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass through the use of Lanterns that have been beautifully made with such character and colour.


As you weave your way around the maze you will see all the great scenes and characters that you love as you follow Alice and her adventures. My favourites during my visit where scenes such as Alice going down the Rabbit Hole, the Caterpillar upon his Mushroom, chasing the White Rabbit, watching the Roses being painted Red, of course the fantastic Flamingos to play Croquet in, the Cards as Soldiers, the Jabberwocky and so many more fantastic pieces that I was in awe.


Alice in Winterland runs until the 5th January 2019 and it is a must do for those long winter nights.

Southwark Park can be reached via Canada Water or Bermondsey Tube Station on the Jubilee Line with a short walk to the Entrance Garden at the corner of Jamaica Road and Lower Road.

Tickets can be bought beforehand at the Alice in Winterland website.

I hope you enjoy going down the Rabbit Hole into a world of such Colour and Fantasy.