New Lanark Textile Mill, Scotland

Down south between Edinburgh and Glasgow situated on the River Clyde there is a Textile Mill in the little village of New Lanark which is a sister to the village up the hill of Lanark.

The village of New Lanark was founded in 1786 by David Dale for all the new workers at the Cotton Mill. You can see why this was the perfect place to build a Mill with its lush green woodlands around in the valley, the use of the River and many Waterfalls being used to power the Cotton Mill.


In 1800 Robert Owen took over with the running of the Mill, Owen was a social pioneer who began to create a better life style for his worker through the use of decent homes, fair wages, health care, education and the first workplace nursery. New Lanark became an important Textile Mill in Europe, as visitors discovered a clean, healthy environment the workers who were content with working in the Mill. Robert Owen created the 8 hour day which he used in the early days of his run of New Lanark Mill, he coined the slogan “Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation and Eight hours rest”.

The Mill was sold in 1881 and that is when the Mill began to go down hill, with the land switching hands every so often until the Mill stopped in 1968. Today New Lanark has been restored into a picture perfect village with many locals making these beautiful houses their home. I will not forget walking into the village, seeing the charming gardens and some of the locals being so kind, welcoming us and ensuring what a lovely day it would be.


When visiting the Mill you with be able to explore inside Mill, experiencing a ride that will tell you about life working in the Mill in 1820, a chance to see the factory floor and how the Mill worked with the use of working textile machinery. A Rooftop Garden overlooking the stunning area, as well as the latest textile exhibit down on the ground floor. When walking around the village you can visit some of the Mill workers houses from 1820 and 1930, Robert Owen’s House, a School for Children and the quaintest little Village Store.

If you want to spend more time at the Mill, there was a Hotel created that is housed in the top floors of the Textile Mill, as well holiday flats and a hostel. We decided to stay on the outskirts of Lanark which allowed us to walk through the woodlands along a creek down to the little village, making the perfect way to discover this hidden gem.

If you are keen to walk further afield, you are able to walk along the River Clyde up into the Woodlands and Hills to be able to witness the majestic Falls of Clyde, which I was stunned by. It was a charming walk to finish off our day exploring the area, I really felt like I had stepped back in time to when the Mill was the centre of life for those who lived there. I would happily go back again for a nice relaxing weekend in this lush woodland as well as a chance to explore the latest exhibit there and what other secrets the village of New Lanark has to offer.


New Lanark Visitor Centre is open from April to October 10am - 5pm then November to March 10am - 4pm.

New Lanark Mills
South Lanarkshire
ML11 9DB