Lisbon Under the Stars

Every summer a light show takes place in the Convento do Carmo.

This year in 2018 they created a wonderful theme about the History of Convento do Carmo and Lisbon.  Lisbon Under Stars is a wonderful evening outing in Lisbon, you are able to sit inside this wonderful church that has been part of Lisbon for hundreds of years and enjoying a wonderful 360 show and enjoy the stars above your head.


Act I

Prologue - You discover the heroine of the story, and she is the spirit of the Church and her life under the stars.



Act II

14 August 1385. Battle of Aljubarrota - There is a battle takes place with leadership from John 1st of Portugual and Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira, the Portuguese defect the Castilians ensuring independence for Portugal.




1389. Construction of Carmo Church - The vows of Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira become fulfilled as the stones begin to be laid for the Church of Carmo after the victory at Aljubarrota.



Act IV

Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira becomes a Carmeltie monk - After giving all his worldly processions to the Order of Carmo, he joins the order at the Convent dedicating the rest of his life to the monastic life.



Act V

8 July 1497. Vasco da Gama departs from Lisbon to discover the sea route to India - You are taken on a sea voyage as they discover creatures of the sea, the coast of Africa, the Middle East before arriving in India.



Act VI

1 November 1755. The great Lisbon earthquake, the firestorm and the tsunami-  Chaos comes to Lisbon and the spirit of Carmo as a earthquake destroys the city shaking it to its foundations. It is then shortly followed by a firestorm spreading through the city and later to have a tsunami wash away what is left of Lisbon.




1756. Reconstruction of Carmo Church - The Monks in the Order of Carmo decidate their hands to the rebuilding of the Monastery, placing part of themselves in the reconstruction after the natural devastation.




1834. Extinction of the Religious Order - Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar orders all religious orders in Portugal to be abolished and the Monks are forces to leave Carmo as the church begins to crumble.



Act IX

1864. Foundation of Carmo Archaeological Museum- The spirit of Carmo is sad and lonely that she has no use, until Jaquim Possidonio Narciso da Silva uses this space to create the Carmo Archaeological Museum, displaying treasures from around the world. 



Act X

23 July 1920 - Amalia Rodrigues is born - The 20th Century brings the sound of Amalia Rodrigues' fado, the poetry of Fernando Pessoa and the master stokes of Almada Negreiros. A huge palette of colour, music and words bring a new least to life in Lisbon.



Act XI

25 April 1974. The fall of the dictatorship - In the heart of Lisbon, the people and Armed Forces Movement overthrow 40 years of dictatorship.




Today. Free Lisbon, Multicultural Lisbon- Lisbon becomes a hub for culture from its historial and local culture blossoming to welcoming cultures from across the world all playing in the urban city of Lisbon.