Roc des Harmonies, France

Roc des Harmonies also known in some places as Le Roc des Curiosities but it is a hidden gem in Normandy, located at the top of Granville overlooking the deep blue sea is this wonderful bizarre emporium.

The Roc des Harmonies has been a collection of treasures over the years that come together in 4 and a half different sections.

Butterfly & Insect Room


The Butterfly & Insect Room is full of tropical creatures from Africa, South America and Asia. There are such wonderful specimens that you believe they are all props from movies, I have never seen such wonderful and unique creatures before in my life. There are 100s of bugs of all shapes and sizes including butterflies which have to be fairies. Just enjoy walking around this room discovering things you never knew that where from this world.


The Aquarium


As you twist and turn into the building you will find yourself in a little Aquarium that is full of crabs, eels, piranhas and all sorts of fishes from under the sea including Nemo’s tank gang. It is a wonderful world to walk into as you begin to feel like you are a pirate in Atlantis and will make you feel like a child again seeing all the big bright fishes for the first time.

The half that was mentioned above comes in the nature of a Sea Lion called Marco who you will see popping his head up every now and then in search of something to nibble, as well as being feed at 11:00, 15:30 and 17:00 every day.


The Mineral Palace


The Mineral Palace is a treasure cave filled with Shiny Crystals, Raw Crystals and all manner of stones in all shapes and sizes. From a crystal Unicorn orBbutterfly to Egyptian Goddess’ right thought to Tarot and Zodiac Signs hand made from 1000s of crystals. It truly is a gem to behold with your eyes.


Shell Grotto


The Shell Grotto is an unbelievable place to wander about. It was made by Madame Chataigner who use to spend her mornings walking on the beaches of Chausey Island which you are able to see from Granville. She would spend those hours picking up 100s upon 1000s of shells that where washed up onto the beach. One day she decided create her dream world “I only regret I do not have a larger space to create my imagination”.

In these rooms you will discover the walls including the ceiling are covered in wonderful shell patterns that are picture perfect. There are doll houses made of shells, all sorts of creatures from Owls to Iguanas, the famous Venus of Botticelli made of tiny shells but the highlight is the Mermaid that serenades you into the grotto she lives in.


This is a unique place to visit when travelling in Normandy and is worth a little pit stop to discover the wonderful imagination of these treasure troves.

Roc des Harmonies is open every day.

October 1st to March 31st: 10am to 12:30pm and 14pm to 18:30pm. 1 April to 30 September in day continues from 10am to 19pm.

Adult 9 € . Children 4 €

1 Boulevard Vaufleury, 50400 Granville, France