Where to Eat in Porto

Porto is the best place for food, it is right next to the coast making the Seafood delicious and fresh, then on the Douro River with lush rolling hills producing rich fruits and vegetables, every where you eat is a Feast. 

Market of Beria Rio


The Market at Beria Rio, is a local spot where you are able to get a large range of local dishes from Hams, to Beer to the local women cutting and selling fresh food. You can't beat discovering a meal to eat here.

Queijaria Portuguesa


Queijaria Portuguesa is a an appetiser food stall in the Market at Beria Rio, it is perfect for getting platters full of delicious local cheeses and hams. You are able to get a taste of real Portuguese food and it is delightful.



Brigadao is a sweet treat in Porto. It is a unique taste to nibble on, it is best describe as a Cake but a Sweetie too. There are so many different flavours from Lemon, Chocolate, Port, Churros, Coconut, Passionfruit I really could go on. It is worth trying out this sweet treat. There are 3 chains with one at Market of Beria Rio.

Calem Cellars


The Cellars at Calem has the tastiest Port Wine. Not only can you do a tour to experience how Port Wine is made but there is a lovely terrace where you are able to sit on the River's edge enjoying the view and the Port Wine.

Farol da Boa Nova


Farol da Boa Nova is a charming restaurant in Riberia. It is on a high terrace over looking the Douro River and Gaia, it has a  menu that is tasty unique Seafood dish and traditional Portuguese meals, I couldn't get enough that we tried each others meal.

Fish Fixe


Fish Fixe was such a delicious restaurant to discover, it has a wonderful view of Porto at night with food just as good as the view. You are able to get a selection of traditional Portuguese and Seafood dishes as tapas, every bite was incredibly delicious all topped with local wine.

Chez Lapin


Chez Lapin is a chic little restaurant tucked away in between an archway in Riberia. You are transported into the country side in France in Porto. It is a mixture of Portuguese and French food, it is so delicious and a wonderful atmosphere.

Largo de Sao Domingos


Largo de Sao Domingos may be on a busy street but it is a nice little spot. It has a terrace to sit on to enjoy the atmosphere in Porto with nice light meals to enjoy and even nicer desserts. We loved our meal here we are trying to make it at home.

Mercador Cafe


Mercador Cafe was a great cafe to discover in Lisbon. It is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We enjoyed having a great breakfast here, it was a mixture of Portuguese and breakfast pastries with great coffee.



Base is in a wonderful cool location. It is in the middle between Clergios Tower and Livraria Lello upon a grassy mound that is above a little shopping strip. It is such a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy Porto, the summer evenings and local drinks. So grab your mates pull up a grassy spot and enjoy a nice cool drink in the heart of Porto.

Cafe Majestic


The Cafe Majestic is a great piece of Art Nouveau Architecture in Porto for those who love this period in time.  You feel like you are transported back in time to a golden age, then you are treated to a delicious menu of desserts, cakes, portuguese dishes and a long list of local wines and drinks. It is the perfect place for a afternoon tea treat.

I hope you enjoy this taster selection of where to eat in Porto, enjoy tasting what the region has to offer. Bom apetite!