What to eat in Alsace

Alsace is home to some of the most delicious traditional foods in France topped off the the sweetest tasting Wine.

Alsace is a unique blend of food that you'll not find anywhere else in France after the Alsacien's having there own culture making the food best described as a mixture of French and German. There is such a large variety of food to eat and try when in Alsace so make sure you do your best to stuff your face as much as I do when I go to Alsace and enjoy trying the variety of wines that suits each meal.


Alsacien Specialties


Tarte Flambee


Tarte Flambee is by far my favourite meal in the whole world, we enjoy finding local traditional restaurants that serve the best. Flammekueche as it is know in the local dialect is best described as thin flatbread topped with fromage blanc, crème fraîche, onions and bacon (that is known as Naturale). Now days in restaurants you can find a variety of different flavours such as Vegetarian, Mushroom, Multiple Cheeses it is amazing the variety you can find. When eating Tarte Flambee you buy 1 to share with everyone and keep getting it topped up until you are full. But make sure you leave enough room for the best dessert Tarte Flambee with a layer of cream, then Apples then finished of with Calavados Apple Liquor which you set of fire. It really is the perfect meal. 



Choucroûte garnie


Choucroute is the second most famous meal in Alsace and it is extremely filling so make sure you either don't eat for a few hours before eating this or wear lose trousers. The dish consist of Sauerkraut which is cabbage cooked in white wine as a base then topped with boiled potatoes and then a variety of meats such as ham, sausages, smoked pork and even a fish variety sometimes. It is a heavy meal just so you are aware. If you can not handle this huge mountain of food you can have Choucroute Tarte as a starter and that is such a yummy dish too.


Coq au Riesling


Coq au Riesling is a rich dish where the chicken is cooked in Riesling (white wine) with cream and mushrooms then topped off with spätzle which is a delicious Alsacien noodle.  It is one of my favourite meals to eat, especially in a really traditional restaurant make sure you enjoy it with a large glass of Riesling Wine.. Truly perfection.




Baeckeoffe means bakers oven, this is where you will find your dish cooked in the Soufflenheim Pottery. It is a hearty casserole dish made with potatoes, leeks, lamb, beef and pork then baked topped with white wine. It is the perfect dish to eat during winter in those mountains of Alsace.




Kougelhopf is a soft cake made with almonds, raisins, orange zest. It is perfect as a morning tea treat topped with whipped cream or jams as well as being enjoyed with a coffee. The shape of the cake makes it an iconic symbols in Alsace where you can buy the baking dish all over Alsace making you want to cook the cake for yourself.


Pain d'epices


Pain d'epices is best described as a Gingerbread cake that is famous in Christmas time. It is unlike any Gingerbread you will try, it is soft and delicious and nothing like what you can find in England or Australia it is a must try and be careful not to eat the whole cake in one sitting. 




Bredele means it is Christmas time in Alsace. Bredele is home made by most families and it is a variety of different biscuits and gingerbread. Some of the favourites are Anisbredele, Corinthentaler (current coins), Lebkuchenzungle (spiced cat's tongues), Schwowebredele, Spritzbredele and so much more. If you can't wait till christmas to buy Bredele at the Christmas Markets, Uncle Hansi brand sells great bags of Bredele in shops. 


Tarte aux poires

Tarte aux poires is a delicious tarte made with egg custard, vanilla, almonds and baked pears. It is Yummo and the perfect way to finish a meal. You can either eat it cold or hot with cream or french vanilla ice cream.




Bretzels are a great thing to eat when strolling around the Villages of Alsace. You can find these large delicious bretzels everywhere, make sure you get a tradition one with rock salt coating the top. 


Alsace Wines


Wines from Alsace are the best in all of France and I don't think I am being bias with that. We have the Route des Vins which trails for kilometres that have been making the best wines for many a year. There is Riesling, Muscat, Gewürztraminer and not to mention my favourite sparkling wine Cremant which is perfect as a aperitif when you have a Kir Cremant Cassis, delicious. You can not go wrong with Wine from Alsace.

Alsace has some of the best food in the world and I hope you enjoy eating your body weight in food as you travel Alsace. Bon Appetite.