Galleria del Costume, Florence

In Florence at the Palazzo Pitti is a Costume Gallery. It is set amongst wonderfully gilded Baroque rooms that were built by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. There is a variety of costumes from the 18th Century to modern Fashion Designers. 

The displays have been placed onto stage of mirrors so not only do we see all the details of the Garments but the decorative ceilings above. The Gallery changes the selection of Costumes every other year to show the ever changing cycle of Fashion. The Galleria del Costume owns six thousand pieces so this is truly an exhibit that will never go out of style.


During my trip to the Galleria del Costume it was divided into sections that represents different modernism styles such as Sequins, Dots, Frills and Flora, it was an endless maze of high end dresses demonstrating all the styles in mode. 


The highlight of the visit if you are a Costumier, inspired by Janet Arnold, want to see original garments and how they were made;  were the several garments from the Medici Family. These Garments are a mixture of well maintain original pieces to pieces that have just faded in time that are set into the shapes that they once where with the fragments making up the pattern.  It is one of the most incredible visual means into the past, with each garment having a patterned illustration to see the funeral clothes of the Grand Duke Cosimo de Medici, Eleonora of Toledo and their son Don Garzia.


This a small but detailed museum on Costume, that will inspire you with the large amount of variety of fashion throughout time making Florence truly a city of great Art.

The Galleria del Costume is located at the Palazzo Pitti and is open every day. You can either buy tickets at the door on the day which includes visiting the Royal Apartments, Palatine Gallery, Silver Museum, Gallery of Modern Art and the Porcelain Museum which is from €10 - 16 depending on the season you visit. Or you can invest in a Firenze Card which is one of the best visiting cards I have used in my travels.  I hope this inspires you to see all the beauty and art that Florence has to offer.