Lena Hoschek 'Kiss Me Piroschka'

Lena Hoschek has landed back in London with her second Pop Up Shop.

Bringing her Spring/Summer 2018 range 'Kiss Me Piroschka' out for the day.  Today the day was teasing us with sun every now and then, with strong winds, this is the perfect shelter from the storm.


Located in Soho at 6th Soho at Hearst Magazines UK, the team has created this blank canvas into a wonderful world dripped in folk fabric and delicate flowers.  Being welcomed by kind, happy women offering me sanctuary into this colourful world, being offered Coffee and divine Vanilla Croissants to dine on over a lacey rug, I get to embrace the world of Lena Hoschek's new Spring/Summer Range. 


'Kiss Me Piroschka' range embraces Folk Costume from Hungry. It is a feast of spring time flowers and tradition using a mixture of embroidery, ribbons weaved along the edges and the natural flow of fabric swinging.  With garments from Dresses for day or night, embroidered blouses, delicate knitwear and motif printed skirts. There is something for everyone's taste buds. 

As a Costumier would has a passion for European Folk Costume, it is wonderful to see tradition being used in modern day dress. Looking into the past and life style that makes people proud of their heritage. I look forward to seeing more Folk Costume used in everyday wear.


Perfect day to be around with strong women, embracing our femininity with beautiful garments. 

Lena Hoschek is a talented designer, with a diversity for each range she produces from Folk Costume, Traditional Dirndls to a Seaside Escape. Each range is unique, making her a universal Designer.  Every garment is a beautify cut pattern, most likely inspired from her days of working with Vivienne Westwood.  Always going to extra length to add delicate trimming on top and finishing with a unique and fun swing tag.

This is a designer you need to discover more, especially as a Costumier she always inspires me with her work.