Manly, Sydney

Manly has a special place in my heart, I spend some of my childhood here walking up and down the Beach with my Mother and Brother. The beach has always been special and was the most exciting thing in the world when the whole family would get together to go visit. Manly till this day is still a special day trip for me. 

Manly is on the Northern Beaches, which plays host to both Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean. Manly is the hub of water and beach life offering a range of activities around the waters edge.

Manly Beach is easily reached by a stunning Ferry ride from Circular Quay taking 30 minutes.  This is the best way to reach Manly, grab a seat on the ferry outside and enjoy the view while you cross the whole of Sydney Harbour.   


Manly Wharf


When arriving at Manly Wharf you are welcomed to an area full of delicious food, a perfect place for second breakfast choosing either from Stone & Peel's Yoghurt bar or a cheeky trip to Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar.  

Around Manly Wharf there are many things to do and see.   Manly Cove is a calm bay to swim in along with a Shark Netted Beach.  The Calm waters makes it the perfect place for a variety of water sports. There is Kayaking, Paddleboarding and what I discovered Paddleboard Yoga. 


Paddleboard Yoga was an extremely fun adventure I had, you paddleboard over to a "studio" along the Cove where you learn and try to do Yoga Poses on a Paddleboard. It is a great, fun workout and be prepared to fall in.  I can't wait to go again. FlowMOcean also offers a variety of Yoga/Water Classes around the area such as Kayak Yoga Classes and many more fun activities.


The Corso


The Corso is the pedestrian walk between Manly Wharf and Manly Beach.  Paved with palms and fountains, The Corso offers a large range of Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs (try the Steyne Hotel it is an oldie but a goodie) and Shopping. This experience will make you feel like you have become one of the locals, popping in for a Coffee or Milkshake and heading to a Surf shop to get your Beaches look. 

Just off The Corso every Saturday and Sunday from 10am Manly Market Place sets up base offering a large range of wears made by locals. From Jewellery to Paintings and everything in between. 


Manly Beach


One of the most famous Beaches in Australia, it isn't too popular with tourist so you will find alot of locals using the Beaches Surf Culture.  The beach is edged with a promenade with park land and pine trees (what I use to believe where dragon scales). Along the beach you will find Kiosks with delicious Ice Creams and Milk Bars for your Fish & Chips treat. 

There are multiple places to rent a surf board or learn to surf at Manly Surf School.  Ask to join a team playing Volleyball or just sit back and relax.  Remember to always swim between the Red & Yellow Flag that are set out by the Lifesavers and to Slip, Slop, Slap aka Shirt, Sunscreen and Hat.

Watch out for the Seagulls yelling "Mine, Mine!" at your for your fish and chip lunch. 


Fairy Bower Pool


There is a lovely walk on the right hand side of Manly Beach which leads to Shelly Beach. This walk is known as Cabbage Tree Bay Eco-Sculpture Walk during the walk you will discover small sculptures displaying Ocean Life including scuba divers and octopus'.  But the highlight of the walk is the tidal pool built in 1929 by the locals. Now it host a sculpture of two figures that seem to dance, it is a perfect spot to stop, watch the sunset and view  the beauty around. 



Shelly Beach


Shelly Beach is a secret but not so secret beach located in the same bay as Manly Beach. It is sprinkled in tiny pebbles and shells and jungle climbing up the side giving it the perfect shelter.  Shelly Beach is home to many different classes playing host to a Diving School and Snorkel Experience and a up close Snorkel Trip.  The reef and coastal line is protected, with true beauty underneath. 

Shelly Beach is a great picnic place with barbecues facilities and grassy edges. But if you are not in the mood of bringing your own, The Boathouse Shelly Beach is on offer. There is a take away service and sit down restaurant. 



North Head


From Shelly Beach and Manly Cove there are bush walk trails that will lead you up to North head. North head is also reached via bus 135 at Manly Wharf. North head is the Northern Point of entry into Sydney Harbour. It is full of wildlife and flora, but used to be used as a military hub. There are WWII Tunnels, North Fort and a School of Artillery. North head is the perfect escape from city life even through you can see the cityscape, with wonderful walks. 


Quarantine Station


For those history bluffs and those who like a quiet life, Quarantine Station is a must visit.  Quarantine Station was used from 1832 to 1984 for those who could have had an infectious disease to be kept there until it was safe for their release. It was divided up into 1st, 2nd and 3rd class with different housing and activities for the 'guests' to do while waiting.  Hence making this one of the most haunted places in Australia.

Now days Quarantine Station is used as a lovely walk, ghost tours, a hotel, a place to get married and a restaurant.  The past always seems to be having a refurbishment. 

Manly has so much to offer, to discover more and updated event head on over to Hello Manly's website.