Marie Antionette at the Museo del Tessuto


The problem of leisure ... What to do for pleasure .... 

Sofia Coppola’s and Milena Canonero's ‘Maria Antoinette’ Oscar Winning Costumes come to the Museo del Tessuto at Prato, near Florence in Italy.

The costumes from Marie Antionette were based on a box of pastel coloured macaroons, which lead to being the palette of the movie creating the stylised 18th Century world were the French Court had a rock n roll life style. Milena Canonero took the colours that worked best on Kirsten Dunst and shapes that where a softer to reach the audience but making is one of the most glamorous 18th Century Costumes I have seen on screen. The movie was a mixture of Punk and Rococco, Colour versus Tradition to truly demonstrate the outrageous world that the French Courtiers, Kings and Queen lived in which lead to the down fall and the French Revolution. 


These costumes are truly a chance to Let them eat Cake!

The exhibition had a great range of costumes from her early days in the Austrian Court to the beginning of her time at Versailles, interaction with Madame du Barry, her and Louis XVI's Coronation Costumes,  her days of pure joy at La Petit Trianon and right down to the end her days of the revolution.  Not to mention my favourite Costume from the film of her Cake eating Dress where is is covered in Cream Duchess Silk with the brightest pink tulle underneath her petticoat.


It is wonderful to be able to see these costumes up front and in person after all these years of seeing them through the television and photos, there is so much detail you never see in the film for example a dress trimming I was certain was plume feathers is actually fine Mohair trimming. The fabrics of Silks, Taffeta and Satin are full with wonderful detail, hand sewing the trimming on the costumes; making it so exciting that I got to see things that the camera does not pick up on.  It is topped off with a little film giving a written history of Marie Antionette and her role as a fashion icon. This exhibition is a fantastic presentation of beauty and charm.


Needless to say I dressed up for the occasion. I had some Duck Egg Silk Taffeta fabric at home from a dress I had made before and I was inspired to create a garment similar to the film, but I stylised it in a true Costumes by Diane style by mixing the 1950s and the 1800s together to create this dress that makes me feel like Marie Antionette.


This was one of my bucket list goals to be able to see the Costumes that inspired my love for 18th Century French Life at court that was an extreme of such beauty but met with such sorrow. Milena Canonero and Sofia Coppola have created a iconic image of the life of Marie Antionette that has become a classic that inspires us to want to learn about her. I am sure Marie Antionette is smiling on how beautiful and fabulous the costumes are that show off she was truly the First and most Famous Fashion Icon.


Marie Antionette : I Costumi di una Regina Da Oscar (The oscar winning costumes of a Queen) runs from the 11 February to 27 May 2018.

The Museo del Tessuto is one of the best Textiles Museums I have been to in my travels, it is a must go to for the Costumier. The exhibitions change every few months with new wonders to behold along with their own collection. For further information on the Museo del Tessuto refer to my blog.

The Museo del Tessuto is open Tuesday to Thrusday 10am-3pm.  Friday & Saturday 10am-7pm and Sundays 3pm-7pm. Admission is €7.