What to Eat in Australia

Food is one of my favourite words in the dictionary, whenever I travel it is so important to me to try local food, unique street food and fancy restaurants. I find a question that is continually asked of me when I travel “What is the local food in Australia,…. Kangaroo?” I of course roll my eyes and say no, some of the best foods in Australia are from the classics to the fusion of the multiple cultures that live in Australia. We have some of the best Chinese Food (the best is in Australia), Thai Food, Sushi, Greek and Italian in the world as we where lucky enough get to these great cultural delights.

But Australians do have there iconic favourites which I find I over purchase and buy as soon as I get home. Here is my favourite list to you so you get to see what is on offer in Australia to try out.


Lets start with the first step you need to take to make all your What to Eat in Australia journey, you need to get yourself to your local Woolworths, Coles or IGA (all grocery shops) I enjoy doing a Grocery Shop in a different country as I get to explore a place further for their culture.

I always lose my mind in the grocery shop at home and here is a delicious list you must get.

  • Tim Tams; The most famous biscuits of them all and most delicious. It is chocolate heaven with layers of chocoate either enjoyed by the hand full or a local taste Tim Tam Slam is by taking a bite of the 2 ends and spilling through a cup of tea.

  • Any Arnotts Biscuit; From Iced Vovo, Pizza Shapes, Monte Carlo, Tiny Teddies, Scotch Fingers, Orange Creams, Hundreds & Thousands, Mint Slices and so many more. They make the best biscuits in the world and I will not eat any others, so head over to the biscuit aisle.

  • Anzac Biscuits; These biscuits were born during World War 1 when the biscuits were made by the women in Australia to sent to the soliders as they were able to keep for a long time on the boat journeys from Australia to Europe. They were named ANZAC for what it stands for, Australian & New Zealand Army Corps. They tasted amazing when they where made by my Grandma but the shops do a pretty good one too.

  • Chocolates; You need to try out the Cherry Ripe, Picnic Bar, Violet Crumble, Mint Pattie, Golden Rough, Fantales, Freckles and a Caramel Koala. So delicious.

  • Lollies also known as Sweeties; My absolute favourite which I get shipped to London often are Allen’s Jelly Beans and Musk Sticks.

  • Chips; To be honest nothing beats Smith Chips, oh the thought of crinkle cut salt & vinegar chips yummo. Also a must try is Twisties cause life is pretty straight without twisties.

  • Macadamia Nuts; I do love a good nut and supporting a local business in Aus. Macadamia Nuts are always such a special treat either in a nut mix or in a white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie.

  • Ice Cream; Nothing beats having a Ice Cream in the heat of summer from a Calippo, a Golden Gaytime or the ultimate favourite Bubble O’Bill. It really is a delight.


Special shout out to the brand T2 which is a tea shop with some of the best teas in the world from its famous Melbourne Breakfast, French Earl Grey and Blue Mountains which are my favourites. T2 offers tea for all occasions; early morning tea, warm & cosy moods, light taste and even iced tea flavours. I am so happy they are branched to the UK so I get to enjoy a fantastic taste from home every day.

Once you head out of the Grocery Shop with your arms full of bags you need to experience cafe and cake shops. I love a good little cake shop especially in a local strip of shops, they can have some of the best cakes on offer. The cafe culture is incredible too in Australia with delicious food and drinks from Breakfast to Afternoon tea.

Whenever I visit I need to grab a few things

  • Vanilla Slice; It is a layered pastry filled with vanilla custards in between pastry sheets topped with icing.

  • Lamingtons; Either bought from the Grocery, Bakery or home made it is a must taste experience. It is a square sponge cake coated with chocolate then wrapped around in desiccated coconut. It is delicious and should be tried as much as possible.

  • Sausage Rolls; Either just as the roll or with alot of tomato sauce it is perfect for your iconic Australian look.

  • Meat Pie; Hands down the Meat Pies in Australia are the best in the world, I miss a good Meat Pie most of the year. Nothing beats a pie with the local bakery as it just melts in the mouth. Either eating in the park or at home with tomato sauce topping off the pie it is to die for. If you want the best pies in the whole world and are in Sydney, why not drive up to Pie in the Sky in Cowan where it looks towards the ocean and the Hawkesbury River.


When at a Cafe you need to get both of the following which is my go to breakfast every time. Drinking a Flat White is the perfect size for a coffee not to big and not to small either but tasty every time. Not to mention enjoying a side of Avocado Toast laid out on a piece of sourdough bread, smashed avocado with a drizzle of lemon and salt & pepper, I personal love to have tomatoes and an egg to finish.

Another iconic taste to try out is Vegemite on Toast, it really is a hate it or love it. Vegemite was invented in 1922. Either eaten on toast with butter and lightly spread, my way is butter and a thick spread of Vegemite or even on a Sao Biscuit from Arnott making it a perfect morning tea snack.

While at home enjoying home cooking, I love to recreate an old classic from my childhood and apparently is a odd thing for people, that is Fairy Bread. Fairy Bread is bread that is buttered with Hundreds & Thousands coated over the top. It just reminds me of fun and is a unique childhood party treat to try.

Now a meal that has been fought over by the Australians and New Zealanders since the 1920s in the Pavlova. The Pavlova came into being when the Russian Ballerina toured in the 1920s and was created in her honour. A Pavlova is a meringue cake topped off with whipped cream and fruits, my favourites being strawberry, kiwi and passionfruit. My mum makes the best but you can either try one from many different shops or cafes but it is perfect for a picnic or family meal.


As you explore further of Australian culture there are some really important and iconic meals you must try out. One of my all time favourite is a good Aussie Hamburger, I miss it so much living in the UK (not to mention a toasted bun). What is included in a good burger is a beef pattie with onions placed atop, lettuce, tomatoes and delicious Beetrot, yes Beetrot it really is the icing on the cake. Sometimes when I feel fancy I include pineapple. So grab some hot chips with chicken salt and a can of solo, this way you are doing the best of Australian cusinie.

Every Aussie knows the joy of going to Bunnings Warehouse on the weekend not only to browse the aisles for their hardware needs but the highlight is to buy the best Sausage Sizzle. The Sausage Sizzle is sold by Scouts normally, they are $1.50 and are the best in the world. There is a special skill to having a Sausage Sizzle, you need 1 slice of bread then place one sausage in the middle topped with onions and tomato sauce, Yummo!

But in general Australians know how to do the best BBQs so any feast with a sausage sizzle, chops, steak and maybe to be iconic a Prawn on the barbie is always delicious, with salads made by your friends and family. We are lucky enough to have BBQs at most of our homes, or at a council park or a beach it really brings people together. Top it off with a local Australian Beer, or a Lemon, Lime & Bitters you’ll be feeling bongza mate!