Where to Eat in Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a small town, but boy they know how to do a spread.


The food in Carcassonne is a mixture of French and Spanish. We went to a restaurant and on the Tapas Menu was Escargot (snails).  That made us smile.  Carcassonne is known for its Cassoulet du Canard (Duck Casserole) it is made with Duck, Pork Sausage and White Beans. It is a filling delicious dish and found in most restaurants. Ask the Locals where their favourite is.


La Cite


Adelaide Restaurant -  5 rue Adelaide de Toulouse                                                                 


Adelaide Restaurant offers a wonderful 3 course Menu at a great price with traditional food from France and the Region (the best Cassoulet). This is the perfect place to taste the favours of the Provence. 


Restaurant L'Escargot - 7 rue Viollet Le Duc                                                                 


  Restaurant l'Escargot offers the best of both worlds. A long selection of delicious tapas and 3 course Menus. They are a great selection of wine, local liquor (try the limoncello) and Sangria. We had Duck with Raspberry Sauce, it is one of the best duck dishes I have ever eaten and the Profiteroles are stuffed with French Vanilla Ice cream and topped with homemade Chocolate and whipped cream. 


L'Auberge du Grand Puits - 1 Place du Grand Puits                                                         


L'Auberge du Grand Puits has a long list of delicious foods. For our trip we had Crepes. It was the best Crepes we had during out trip. 


Place Marcou -                                                                                                                             


Place Marcou has many different restaurants on offer for the visitor. I tried to visit as many as possible, the highlights of Place Marcou are:                                                                                 Le Marcou- offering a wonderful breakfast menu and delicious hearty meals from the region.      La Bonne Demeure - Desserts that made me jealous. It is a dessert from your childhood and huge. 


L'Art Gourmand - 13 Rue Saint-Louis                                                                                         


L'Art Gourmand has a large selection of Nougat, Biscuits, Sweets and Chocolate. Each one is hand made and is elegantly styled. We spend alot of money in there, enjoying the Sugar/Chocolate Bananas the most. 


Cite des Senteurs -  31 Rue du Plo                                                                                             


 Cite des Senteurs serves a large section of salami sausages ranging from Garlic, Pepper and Boar. Each one was delicious and perfect for picnics. They have a great deal when you can buy 4 for €10.

Next time I go to Carcassonne I will go during Summer and try out Le Bar a Vins. From what I hear it is the place to go in the evenings.


The bottom of La Cite


Le Pas Sage Bar Tapas - 15 rue Trivalle                                                                                         


La Pas Sage Bar offers a wonderful selection of French and Spanish Tapas. I was told to try the Moules Frites and I was not disappointed. This is the best Moules Frites I have ever had, maybe not to be too mean to all the Moules Frites I better say it is the best for 2018. 


Barriere Truffes: L'Atelier- 51 rue Trivalle                                                                                       


 If you like Wine, Truffles and lovely service this is a must. Being only able to drink Organic Wine, I was nervous if there would be only 1 bottle in the whole bar, but in the Red Wine section alone there were 3 delicious wines. It has a large selection of nibbles with Truffes from the area and a lovely atmosphere you can spend hours relaxing there. 


Epicerie de la Baracane - 76 rue Barcacane                                                                             


 Ecpicerie de la Barcane was located near by our Airbnb. Every morning we would pop in to buy our Croissants and Baguette. They sell a variety of groceries to help make your picnic lunches and dinners at home, we bought a wonderful chicken on Sunday for our lunch. 


Bastide Saint-Louis


Place Carnot-                                                                                                                             


Place Carnot has a variety of restaurants and boulangerie's around but if you want the real taste of Carcassonne, there is a market every Saturday selling local produce. When we went, there was a large selection of Artichoke, Asparagus, Clementines and all the early produce of spring. There are bread stalls all over, Cheese's from the area and delicious Hams made with pistachio.  The perfect place to get a picnic going.


The Celt- 5 rue Armagnac 


 The Celt is an Irish Bar in a French Village selling all beers from all of Europe. We went to watch a  Rugby Match of France vs England in the 6 Nations. My friend had British Beer and I had French to make it a great evening to behold. (The French Won, just to let you know) The pub was full of Expats, Locals and Visitors making it a multicultural pub indeed. A great place to watch a match and enjoy French Pub food. 


Every place we ate in Carcassonne was delicious, showcasing so much variety the region has to offer from Spanish Influenced Tapas and French Regionally Food. 

Bon Appetit...