Ocean Liners: Speed and Style at the V&A

Ocean Liners takes you back to the Golden Age of Ocean Cruisers.  From the Mid 19th to the Late 20th Century, Ocean Liners where the height of travel throughout the world, offering luxury and the ability to have a jolly good time. 



As you walk into the exhibition rooms, you begin to re-enact the passengers footsteps. You walk into a room that is covered in posters begging you to take a cruise with them, and sail to the furthest reaches of the world. Then you look up and realise you are on the dock, waiting to board your ship. The call of the sea and birds lead you through onto visiting what the Ocean Cruise has to offer. 




Each room in the exhibit has memories, paintings, models, walls, furniture and fashion from the Old Ocean Liners.  We are able to see momento's from the Titanic, Normandie, the Queen Mary, the Lusitania and the SS United States to name a few. 

"Floating Art Deco palaces of Queen Mary and Normandie"

Each room is a different part of the deck, from the luxury of First Class to the Engine Room and up onto the Sun Deck.



Highlights for me was the wonderful display of the Sundeck with Mannequins swimming in a pool.  Models showing off their latest fashion on the way to dinner.  Seeing the luggage of The Duke of Windsor; Prince Edward.




The most incredible item in the exhibit is a door, not any old door, but a door that was discovered floating in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912.  This Door is from the Titanic, it is the first time it has been in Europe since the Titanic left in 1912. Incredible!! The Titanic. As a Costumier working in film, it also has a funny factor to it. It is the same design that Rose is on in the Film of Titanic. It has been made much larger for the film, but there it is. Well done to James Cameron and his Art Department on recreating that moment.




This is an extremely detailed exhibit into the Golden Age of Ocean Liners, it is a wonderful experience making you have the need to be transported into the past, wear a glamorous gown and join them on deck.




Ocean Liners: Speed and Style is at the Victoria and Albert Museum from the 3rd February 2018 to 17 June 2018.  Book tickets online or book them on the day inside the Victoria and Albert Museum either at the Main Entrance or the Exhibition Road Entrance via there new do it yourself system.