A Guide to La Tomatina

Festivals of all sorts are celebrated all over the world.  La Tomatina in one word, Food-fight!

This has to be the weirdest history in creating a festival but one of the funniest.  It started in 1945 where a group of boys ran amok amongst a parade causing a man to fall off his Parade float.  He was so angry that in his fury he started hitting everything that caused the towns people to become furious and started to throw Tomatoes at him. The following year those boys returned to make a mess, supplying their own tomatoes to create a massive food fight.  It was on and off for years until is became an Official Festival in Spain.


Once a year thousands line the streets to throw Tomatoes at each other.                                    Meeting in Bunol on the last Wednesday of August every year.                                                     The true start of the festival is meant to be when someone climbs up the Greasy Pole to grab the Ham, in truth no one will ever get the Ham. Have a go to climb up the pole and work as a team, but if your not interested in that enjoy the atmosphere and make sure you duck when you see grease heading towards you.                                                                                          The festival lasts for an hour when you hear the sound of the canon at 11am. They begin driving in the trucks that are full of Tomatoes. There about 6 trucks that go through the street, with people throwing Tomatoes at you, so grab a juicy one that comes your way and start throwing it at the people around you.                                                                                                             At 12pm the second canon goes off to end the festival, and you are covered everywhere with tomatoes. 

  • My tips for the festival are:

  • Use old clothes you are happy to throw away.

  • Hard sturdy shoes. There are thousands of people to step on your toes.

  • If you choose to bring a camera, make sure it is in a waterproof case and tied to your body.

  • Go in a tour. That means an automatic ticket for the festival and you don't need to worry about transport there and back again. I went with Topdeck. Your tour will get you there early, to ensure a good spot.

  • You can buy drinks from the locals, such as Sangria. But Honestly there were alot of drunk people there at 11am so it is up to you.

  • Tomatoes will get EVERYWHERE. I found I couldn't stop crying afterwards due to the acid in the tomatoes, but it was totally worth it.

  • If you are worried about your eyes, you can either bring goggles or buy them there on the day.


There are also Rules for the Festival ensuring Safe Fun.

  1. Do not throw bottles or hard objects

  2. Do not tear or throw tee-shirts

  3. Squash tomatoes before throwing them to avoid hurting others

  4. Keep a safe distance from trucks

  5. Stop throwing tomatoes after the second starter pistol shot

  6. Follow the directions of security staff

Now I am sure that is alot of information, but please don't let that turn you off from going. This is one of the greatest adventures I have had in my life. It is werid and wonderful, I couldn't stop laughing. I would do it all over again.  Make sure to add this to your bucket list.