What to do in Byron Bay


Byron Bay, a place of picturesque Beaches, Cafe Culture and General Groovyness. 

Byron Bay has had a varied history. First discovered by Captain James Cook. Then is became a Cedar Logging Industry, Gold Mining on the Beach, Dairy Farming, Fishing, Whaling it seems the list is endless. But this industrial town morphed into a Hippy, Happy Town in the 1960s when surfers came to use the natural breaks on the beaches.

Fast Forward to now. Byron Bay is the place to be. It wouldn't be hard to live there. It is an easy, relaxed way of life as well as a great balance of adventure.

The best itinerary for Byron Bay is staying for 4 days to take your time and set your watch to Byron Time.

For our trip to Byron Bay in under an hour flight from Sydney we arrived at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport. The best way to get the most of your trip around the area is to rent a Car from one of the suppliers located at the Airport and it is about 30 minute drive to Byron Bay.

A great way to get into the Byron Groove was using Airbnb, renting a Cottage than was 10 minute walk into Town.

There is so much to see and do in Byron Bay. I have shared with you my favourites of the trip.


Main Beach


The Main Beach of Byron Bay is the beach to be at. It is the easiest beach to reach from the Town. The Red & Yellow Flags and Life Savers are located at this Beach. It is best for anyone visiting not knowing the beach to remain in between the flags. Main Beach connects all the Beaches in the Bay together, so please go discover the other beaches like The Wreck.


Walking along the Beach


All the beaches are connected together and change environment as you walk along.  On our trip we walked from The Wreck Beach all the way down to The Pass Beach. It is an hour return trip. But remember for any walk to Slip, Slop, Slap.. Aka Sunscreen, Hat and Cover.


The Pass Beach


The Pass is a really special place. It is a locals beach, with many rock pools. The Pass is a unique spot that has a Large Rock Formation in the middle known as Fisherman's Lookout. It has a great view to the edge of Australia and overlooking Byron Bay's Beaches. The Pass is a very tidal beach so have a look before hand at the tidal times.


Cape Byron Lighthouse


Cape Byron Lighthouse was opened in 1901 and is still used to this day. The Lighthouse has really great views of all the surrounding area, as well as walks to the edge of Australia, down to Tallow Beach and back to Byron Bay. The Lighthouse offer views of Sunrises and Sunsets. But this makes it a popular time of the day, so Parking is hard to come by. I found going during the early morning was the best time of day as club kids where still waking up. But any time of the day is beautiful.


Most Easterly Point of Australia


How often can you say you have gone to the most Easterly part of Australia. It is a nice walk from The Lighthouse enjoying the landscape and ocean views. If you look hard enough and 2 hours into the past you can just see New Zealand.


Cafe Culture


Byron Bay has a rich Cafe Culture, even if you stayed in Byron Bay for a month you wouldn't have done all the cafes on offer. To see my guide on Cafe Culture in Byron Bay, refer to my post.




Byron Bay has a huge ranch of shopping for everyone. There are such great Clothing Shops for the Hippy, the Yogi and the Surfer. It is hard not to spend all your money there. There is a variety on offer and the little hand made markets by the locals that pop up.


Solar Vintage Train


Byron Bay Train is newly opened, now being the World's First Solar Train. The train has used 2 Vintage Carriages and turned it into a special treat. If you enjoy reliving the joys of childhood put this on your list. The Train runs once an hour from Byron Beach and North Beach. Get a return ticket for $6, have a stroll once terminated then hop back on. It is a 15 minute trip between stations, but it shows you Byron Bays nature.


Bende Byron Bay


The Bende Studio originally caught my eye because of its studio space. Big Windows with natural light, mirrors and a massive Crystal Quartz in the middle of the room. Bende offers a variety of classes including Barre, Bende, Yoga and Reformer to name a few. If you can only make one class during your trip it is worth it. It is a great energy lifter and the teachers there are truly incredible. 




This is something I have been wanting to try for a long time. Byron Stand Up Paddle offers a great experience for Paddleboarding on the Brunswick River. It is a 30 minute drive from Byron Bay and worth every minute. Byron Stand Up Paddle offers a 2 hour paddle along the Mangroves and River. Along the way you are able to see the beauty of River life, during my trip I saw Fishes, Jelly Fish and the local Birds. The team are Enthusiastic and Lovely, encouraging you to have an adventure with them. I couldn't get enough, I am now hooked onto Paddleboarding.


Evening Music Culture


As you walk up the street of an evening in Byron Bay every corner your turn, there are great Musicians. We took a long time walking up the street, when we found a great Artist we would spend a while there enjoying their music. It was a great way to discover new sounds and new artist, they where fantastic.


Drum Circle


Up at the Main Beach, groups of people bring their drums, trumpets and dance moves. They all just jam together and create great sounds. We fell in love with the variety of music, that we would often find ourselves dancing along with the sweet tunes.


Looking for Peace & Love


Not only are the towns folk and visitors chasing a Peaceful and Loving life, Byron Bay's streets are full of Street Art playing host to Peace and Love. Every turn has a beautiful piece of artwork.


Crystal Castle


The Crystal Castle is home to the Biggest Crystals in the Worlds as well a Tranquil Garden embracing multi Cultures of Energy and Healing. The Crystal Castle is a 30 minute drive from Byron Bay, but is a fantastic enjoyable day out experiencing Nature and a Peaceful Environment. For more information have refer to my blog.


Minyon Falls


Minyon Falls are on the edge of an Ancient Volcano, making it a lustrous green country side. Minyon Falls is a 45 minute drive from Byron Bay, with a dirt road being the last 2kms of your drive.  Either you can just go to the Lookout or you can walk to the bottom of the Waterfall which is a 4 Hour return walk up and down a cliff. Best to go early to avoid the heat but remember to bring a Hat, Water and Swimmers. With all bushwalking in Australia be careful and look where you put your feet.  You'll enjoy the Australian Bush at it best.

I hope this inspires you to enjoy life in Byron Bay, remember to Relax and set your watch to Byron Time.