Byron Bay, Crystal Castle


Truly the place to rest your soul.

The Crystal Castle is home to the Biggest Crystals in the Worlds as well a Tranquil Garden embracing multi Cultures of Energy and Healing.

The Crystal Castle is 30 minute drive from Byron Bay through Lustrous Green Nature, Bendy Roads and Mini Mountains.  I found getting there early was the best idea. We were able to enjoy the garden and its peacefulness in full.

Adult Day Passes are $28.00 this also includes a booklet with a map and a story behind every part of the garden. (Sculptures, Crystals & History).

The Highlights to see in the Crystal Castle are the:

Crystal Guardians


The Crystals Guardians are the Worlds Tallest Crystal Geodes. These Amethyst Beauties where discovered by the owners in South America. It will be of the most awning experiences you will see in your life.


The Enchanted Cave


The Enchanted Cave was formed Millions of Years ago when a Bubble was blown into Molten Lava. It is an incredible beauty to behold that you want to curl up inside and be at peace. Once a day for an extra cost, you can pay to climb into The Enchanted Cave to meditate. 


The Buddha Walk


On the edge of the Gardens is the Buddha Walk.  It has a variety of Hindu and Buddhism deities. The walk has a huge selection of Australian Tropical Flora and Asian Flora. It is the the perfect mixture of culture. The pinnacle of the walk is walking up into Bamboo Avenue.


The Blessing Buddha


The Blessing Buddha is situation in an Rose tinted Amphitheatre.  Buddha is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and sits upon a Rosie Lotus Flower Pond. What helps focus the energy is a labyrinth of Rose Quartz Crystals centered in the Amphitheatre. 


Kalachakra World Peace Stupa


Kalachakra World Peace Stupa was build by Tibetan Buddhists and is in use by Buddhists as a place of pilgrimage. This is the only Stupa in the Southern Hemisphere making it one of the Seven in the world.  While we were waiting for the gates to open for the day, we were lucky enough to see all who worked there walked around to start their day and bring peace into the world.


Lotus Cafe


A must stop, as enjoying yourself makes you hungry. The Lotus Cafe has a breathtaking view of the Volcanic Green Landscape.  It has great local and organic food being served. The menu has something delicious for everyone.


Crystal Shops & Courtyard


Of Course you have to visit the Shops. The Crystal Castle has 3 different shops. Selling a vairety of books, Crystal Jewellery and Large Crystals. Once you have done as much shopping as possible there is a courtyard with a beautiful floating Rose Quartz Foundation.

For an extra fee, the Crystal Castle has a variety of Tours, Readings and Workshops on offer around the garden. Have a look on their website to see the latest information.

It is a really great experience and day out in the beautiful tranquil gardens of Australia.

While in the Area why not stop off in Mullumbimby, because who doesn't want to see a town with a name like that.



Open 10am - 5pm Everyday.                                                                                                            81 Monet Dr, Montecollum NSW 2482, Australia