Luna Park, Sydney


The Happiest Place in the Whole Wide World. You will not be able to stop smiling and laughing.

Luna Park has a rich history it first open in 1935 on the North Side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the Bridge giving Luna Park its shade for the last century.  It has been Closed, Reopened more times than necessary but it is finally here to stay.                                                  Growing up in Sydney it was the most special Theme Park. Not only is it a fun place to visit, It brightens up the whole Harbour and will guarantee you a smile.

It feels like it hasn't changed since 1935, all the decor is of a Art Deco Era with Jazz music being played all around the park.


If you decide to go Day or Night, you will not be disappointed with your views. It is a Carnival Lovers Photo Haven.

Luna Park entry to the park is free.                                                                                               So if you are not into rides just go and enjoy the atmosphere, which in its self is quite enjoyable.                                                                           

To go on Rides it is best to prebook online to save money, but there are multiple places to buy tickets at the park.                                                                                                        

  • The Tickets are divided into:

  • Unlimited Rides.

  • Lunacy After 6pm.

  • Mini Money Mondays.

  • Then on top of this Tickets are priced at Different Heights of the person.

  • Yellow (130cm+)

  • Green (106-129cm)

  • Red (85cm-105cm).

  • Sounds confusing now but trust me once you see the information it makes 100% sense.

Luna Park is opened from 11am -10pm on Friday & Saturday. 10am - 6pm Sunday. 11am- 4pm Monday. But it is subject to change please refer to website for latest updates.

The perfect way to get to Luna Park is catching the Ferry from Circular Quay to Milsons Park. Not only is it a fast trip but it is a beautiful trip across the harbour.


The Park Rides are a huge list of fun. The most famous ones being the Ferris Wheel, with views across the harbour. The Wild Mouse Rollercoaster, Coney Island &The Rotor to name a few.

There are many side show games where you can win prizes and many places to have a bite to eat. 


It is the perfect fun day out, or a nice stroll through a Hertiage Site, It is even a fantastic Evening Walk.  A great place to visit in Sydney for anyone.

Luna Park, Just for the Fun.

Luna Park                                                                                                                                           1 Olympic Dr, Milsons Point NSW 2061, Australia