Heading back to the Land Down Under


For the first time in 8 Years I will be spending more than 2 weeks in Sydney.  5 weeks in total! Looking back after my trip it is the best thing I have done all year. It is a perfect way to get out of the Winter Blues, I think this will have to happen once a year from now on.

IMG_20171207_145245_244 (1).jpg

But the only down side is I miss a European Christmas... I just love the Christmas Lights, Mulled Wine, Markets and Christmas Spirit. The Australian way is very different to me now.

It is such a joy to be back in the Sun, Blue Skies, Gum nuts and the Sounds of Cockatoos and Kookaburras waking you up in the morning.


Even thought it is home and you expect things to stay the same, there has been so much change. So to create balance I intended to do experiences and see things I haven't ever done before. The list was huge, but list are incredible it gives you something to look forward to.

Let the Aussie Adventure begin...