Dior's 70th Anniversary Weekender.

2017 was an exciting year in my eyes for Couture..

Dior was a huge inspiration for me growing up. Seeing the New Look in my Costume and Fashion Books was so exciting and made me what to be her and dress like her... as well as always drawing that iconic photo.

This is now one of the reasons I am so excited I now live in Europe.... I am most certainly going to The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture Exhibition in Melbourne in November. But more excitingly I am going to pop over to Paris for a Mini Break to see Christian Dior: Couturier Du Reve.

I will make it beautiful 2 day visit, going to my favourite restaurants in Montmatre and St Germain. Walk along the Seine and enjoy my favourite spot in the world.. Most importantly being the French Woman that I love to be when I get to go home..
I am having a lovely morning planning that trip and getting excited to enjoy the Autumn Sun.

Dior Weekend