Coogee to Bondi Walk


How better to start of my Trip by doing such a Famous Walk along the Coast. I decided to be different and walk the opposite direction which was much better as the sun was behind me the whole morning.

From Central Station it is quite easy to get a Bus from Elizabeth Street. Either the M50 or 372 all the way to Coogee Beach, it is about an Half an Hour trip. Once leaving the bus it is a short walk across to the Beach to marvel at the warm sand, the smell of salty air and the crisp blue sky.


To begin the walk to Bondi, you need to walk to the left of Coogee Beach and make the slow walk up towards Giles Baths which is a nice hidden pool among the rocks. I found it a nice way to have a dip before starting my walk as it is such a nice view and calming swim.


Head towards Dolphin Point and Dunningham Reserve to continue the walk. Along the way I happened upon a path to the side which was a great walk along a fenced Rocky area. It had amazing views looking towards the final destination.


The next Bay that you come along which per warning is an incline up and down to it. Is the Famous Gordon's Bay which is protected by an offshore reef. This was my favourite part of the walk. It felt like an untouched part of the world. It has beautiful rocky edges, huge amount of native Trees, inviting crisp blue waters finishing with a traditional boating dock. It had the aura of early 20th Century life. It is again a great hidden part of the world where many locals where laying out in the sun and having a dip.


Then after wishing I had more time to have a picnic in Gordons Bay, Up the hill around to Clovelly Beach.  It had a lovely little beach full of Mothers and Children paddling in the swallow waters. Along with Locals that have seemed to have been there for 100 years`enjoying the dark blue waters of the Half Natural Bay/ Swimming Pool.  It is quite a wide walk along the path or you could take off your shoes and walk along the beach and hop between the rock pools to rejoin the path.


From Clovelly it is a slow easy walk towards Waverley Cemetery. Currently (December 2017) until at least another 10 months are doing major repairs after a storm destroyed part of the cliff. But no worries the new walking route is clearly sign posted and it is quite nice to walk through the Cemetery. There are so many beautiful old 100 years + tombs including some in German and Italian. It is not a bad place to rest at for the rest of your days.


Then over to Bronte Beach, where it has a huge park for family picnics and a beach full of swimmers and Surfers. It has great surf for any one wanted to have a good Surf there, including a natural Rock Pool called The Bogey Hole.


The next beach along is Tamarama Beach. Once was a fun day out for the Sydney Victorians as it was an amusement grounds with Elephant walks along the Beach and Roller Coasters, it is hard to imagine.  It is really quite a breath taking Beach.  If you wanted to come back another day there is also Yoga Classes by the Sea. Not a bad spot in the world to enjoy the sound of the ocean and practicing Yoga.


Then a nice walk along the coast line past Mackenzies Point you reach your final destination of Bondi Beach. I decided to treat myself to a nice swim at the beach. It was such a perfect day to enjoy the surf. Bondi is quite a cultural hub. It had many nationalities enjoying the beach along with lots of Locals having a surf, a coffee, skate boarding or taking in the great Street Art of local artist, along the beach front.


***Remember how important it is in Australia to Swim between the Red and Yellow Flags. It is for your own safety. ***


After enjoying my walk and the swim in the ocean, I treated myself to a fancy lunch at the Famous Bondi Icebergs Restaurant. It has a great fancy bistro but I decided to follow the Umbrellas and enjoy a Fish Burger and Lemonade on the Terrace. The Icebergs Club has fantastic food and a club swimming pool which is the envy of any beach pool.

To head back into Sydney CBD the easiest way is to catch a bus 333 or 380 to Bondi Junction then the train back into town.

It took me just under 2 hours to complete the walk and that was including making it a relaxing walk and taking alot of photos. So it is absolutely suitable for any one at any age and physicality. There is only 1 incline, just make sure to pack Water. Along with a good hat and Sunscreen.

In the words of my youth remember to Slip, Slop and Slap and enjoy a beautiful walk in a delightful part of the world.

For more information on the walk head to the official website of the walk...