New Years Eve in Sydney

By far after all these years and all my travels....Sydney, Australia hosts the best Fireworks in the world.

In the harbour of Sydney, the fireworks are presented on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as a few barges along the Harbour itself. 

Apparently now that the fireworks are so popular I noticed that there where people camping out for at least 2 days. Sydney Vantage Points is the best way to get a good spot for the fireworks. It is a bit different compared to when I was younger and you could turn up around 9.30 and get a great spot. You don't just have to sit along the harbours edge to see the fireworks, Sydney offers such a variety of locations and experiences to enjoy the fireworks. 

Fireworks have two times, there is a 9pm Show for families and a Midnight Show to get the New Year started.



Along the Harbour

Sydney Harbour offers so many vantage spots along the harbour. It is incredible how lucky Sydney is to offers these beautiful places. It is popular to sit along the harbour, but there are places all the way to Manly that will give you amazing view points.  Have a look at this Vantage Point page to see what is on offer in Sydney, so grab your friends and family, pack a rug and a picnic and go enjoy each others company while waiting for the Fireworks to start.

*Many locations are now ticketed so do your research before hand to ensure you get a spot. I have give my favourite spots I have been to. 

  • Blues Point

  • Barangaroo Reserve

  • Bradford Reserve

  • Mary Booth Reserve

  • Observatory Hill Park


Cahill Expressway

The Cahill Expressway is a single lane on the Harbour Bridge facing towards the Opera House. Every year there is a Ballot that you can enter to get a place for the 9pm or Midnight Firework show. Each time you enter the ballot you are allowed up to 5 tickets. It would be a great experience to look up at the Fireworks above you on the Bridge. The Ballot opens around mid-November with letting you know if you have won tickets by early December. 




Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens offer multiple viewing spots through out the Gardens. These locations have become ticketed, allowing you to pre-register. If you can get tickets this is a wonderful location, offering great views as well as Food and Drinking Trucks.

My favourite locations are the Harbour Hoopla at Tarpeian Precinct Lawn and the Lawn with a View at Bennelong Lawn. These places have the best views and atmosphere.


Mrs Macquaries Chair

Mrs Macquaries Chair is located at a perfect location. It has the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in your view. Mrs Macquaries Chair is free but the queues for this place do start early unfortunately, so be warned you could be waiting for a while to get in, but if you are super keen go early and pack a good feast for the day.  There are Food and Drinking Trucks as well as bathrooms. 


Opera House

The Opera House is probably the most desired spot on the harbour. It does get full fast. The Opera House, can be hit and miss, due to amount of people or if the TV Station Hosting the NYE Fireworks has a concert stage around the Opera House, which means less space, I think the best way to enjoy the Opera House is spoiling yourself.

So you have decided to spoil yourself, grab a ticket to the Opera Gala inside the Opera House. It is all timed with the Firework Shows. It feels like you are at a ball. 


The Rocks

The Rocks is a great party place, with the streets lined with dancers and multiple pubs.  The Rocks can offer a perfect location wherever you stand to see the Firework Shows. It will be the biggest street party you will ever experience.


Cruises on the Harbour

Sydney Harbour offers the best cruises for the Fireworks. It has such a variety too. From 5-course feasts to Sail-mast Ships to the Local Ferries.  This would be a bucket list experience, due to the cost of the Special Event. It is best to do alot of research into the variety of cruises, to get the best deal and experience for your needs. The most common Cruises are: Beyond the Wharf,  Captain Cook Cruises, Sydney New Years Eve Cruises, Vaga Bond,  and New Years Eve Cruise to name a few to inspire you.




Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a perfect family venue for New Years Eve. It host a Light Show as well as the ability to see the Fireworks on the Harbour. Offering Food and Drink stalls,  as well as many places for children to play while they wait for the Fireworks. The venue is free, it is great for the family atmosphere.


Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is another special treat Bucket List. It a ticketed Venue offering a variety of Ticket Levels that come with special treats, views and locations through out the Zoo. Tickets go on sale around September. Who wouldn't want to experience the Fireworks on the harbour with the wildlife. 


Renting an Airbnb/Hotel

There are multiple Airbnb locations and Hotels dotted across Sydney Harbour. These get sold out months in advance, book ahead if you know your plans. You will get the best views from your high hotel room or Airbnb Balcony. 


Friends House

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a friend or meet someone in your travels that just happens to have the best house to view the fireworks from. I have been lucky enough to experience this on more than one occasion, the best way to ensure you meet someone is to talk to every one in your travels.




The Newport

If you don't want to go on the Harbour and want to experience something new. Going to The Newport is the best place for you. They have a huge outdoor pub, with great food and bars. DJ's and live Bands help you ring in the New Year.   Fireworks are displayed on Pittwater with a 9pm show and Midnight show along with Large Screens showing the fireworks on the Harbour. It is a great fun atmosphere to be involved with.

So no matter where you end up, New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour will one of the best NYE's you will ever have in your life.