Tips for Visiting Singapore

When Travelling to a new place, it is always good to have a cheat sheet of what to do, how to act and this is my complete detailed list of all that I learnt in Singapore.

  • It is a Clean City. It is unlikely you would find rubbish on the street. It shows off the city with its cleanliness.

  • It is a safe city. Walking around as a Single Woman in a strange city and in the dark, I did not once feel unsafe.

  • It is Expensive. I knew it was going to be expensive but I didn't really imagine it would be so much. Make sure you research cost and make a daily budget. For example I forgot Sunscreen, it cost S$19 for a small bottle.

  • Singapore is a Humid City. When looking at Hotels, get one with a pool. Not only is it a great view over Singapore, it is a great way to stay cool in the heat.



  • For good food that is a good price, go off the beaten path. Try out Hawker Centres as well as asking your Hotel Staff for good places and local foods to try out.

  • There is a variety of Food. There is so much variety from all the different cultures that have settled in Singapore. I had Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Arabic, the list is endless and delicious.

  • Durian Fruit is a smelly fruit as I learnt and is banned on the Metro.

  • Buy the EZ-Link Card for riding the Metro and Buses in Singapore. It is like an Oyster and Opal Card just top up when you need more money. You can buy it at a Metro Station or 7/11 Store.

  • After spending all that time in Singapore I suggest Cotton Clothing that breathes in the humidity.

  • Shop in Chinatown and Little India for good and cheap Bits & Bobs including nice clothing.

  • It is a Multicultural city of people from many nations living life in Singapore and working in the business district.

  • Temples and Mosques have covers for visitors to wear, so you don't need to bring any Covers. Make sure not to take photos where marked.

  • Taxis are cheap and easy to come by through out the city