Planning a Road Trip

To plan the perfect Road Trip all you need is a Destination, a date, a map, a high-lighter, Instagram, Pinterest and a travel book.

When I set out to go on a Road Trip, I find a destination I want to go to, then I discover there are lots of little things to do and see around my chosen location.  



Where to go:


When I pick a location to visit, I like to go and buy a Travel Book of the Area, as I like to have a hard copy of information. I find a travel book is great when it comes to the history of the area, sights, times and price of places to visit and where the traveller has eaten. I like to further research my chosen holiday by using the wonderful sources of Pinterest and Instagram.  Travellers before you may have seen something amazing and unique on their visits and using this your discover the secrets of the area.   

When you find a place to visit, you will discover there is so much to see. I find it best to rent a car to be able to see all the beauty and secrets that the area has to offer.  I find as I research more into a trip, I work out a travel list to tick off, the distance between and where to stop off between A and B.

I always purchase a hard copy of a Map, using Michelin Map which offer close up details.  It is a great way to have an understanding of the route you will follow, as well as highlighting all the places you will go.


How Long:


How long should you go on a trip?  When you research into a trip, you will discover the distance and length between each stop. If there will be stop off between A and B. I use Google Maps to give myself a estimated time it takes to drive in between.  Being able to offer a good idea of the time you spend on your road trip. 

I enjoy taking me time and making my Road Trip a relaxing experience. I normally take either 5 days or 8 days for my trip. It gets you to experience the country more, allow for any drama with driving in areas you don't know and emergencies as well as relaxing and being a safe driver.


Renting a Car:


When you rent a car there is so much on offer between different companies as well as the type of vehicle, when researching renting a car I normally use a specific car company but somethings I can't get the deal I want. Vroom Vroom Vroom is an great international site to have a look at to see the variety of deals on offer.

When looking into Car Insurance you need one that covers all situations and is inclusive. This is something you do not want to be cheap about.   You can either get great Car Insurance with the car rental company or Car Insurance included with your Travel Insurance. When renting a car, you can invest in a International Driving Licence from you home Licence board (eg in Australia its NRMA). Some car rental companies find having an International Driving Licence confusing, insure to bring in your driving licence include your Passport as they want to have extra information.   

It is really important to having an understanding the Rules of the Road, either if it is driving on the other side of the road or if it is driving in Miles or Kilometres you do not want to put yourself into a dangerous situation or a chance of being pulled over by the police. 


Sight Seeing:


When Sight-Seeing along the way, do not over book your day up with lots and lots of things to do. You will make yourself stress with rushing in between each location, as well as not being able to immersive yourself into your surroundings. I find if you going to a popular spot for visitors, always pre-book tickets as you cut time and are able to get more out of your visits. There are some places that you can buy on the day without drama and sometimes it is easier as you never know where your day will end up going.

I find it best to carry coins in the car, when it comes to car parks. It is always good to have the change as you never known what the situation will be. 




When booking Accommodation either with Hotels, Hostels and Airbnb, the most important thing to remember is if the accommodation has a car spot. That is easily discovered when you look through booking websites where there is a option to include parking in your search.  Some times parking is at the hotel and other times they offer deals with local car parks.  I like to try and stay close into the town centre's, as in the evenings I like to walk around the city, where it showcases wonderful atmospheres.


How to Eat:


When doing Road Trips it can be costly, as you don't have access to a kitchen. Often if you are staying in a hotel, breakfast can be included in the stay which helps cover the morning, but what do you do if you are driving around in the middle of nowhere.  I enjoy finding local shops to buy little snacks that are foreign to me and buying produce to make myself a sandwich or a picnic during the day.  In the evening I like to watch around the town and discover a local restaurant to eat in which becomes my special treat for the day.


What to bring:

  • A Large Map

  • Copies of Google Maps highlighted route

  • GPS. If you travel in Europe alot, buy a GPS as it includes all of Europe.

  • Car Insurance

  • A List of everything you want to see

  • A Travel Book

  • Copies of all the Hotels/Places your staying at

  • Camera

  • Comfortable Shoes to drive in

  • Great Songs to listen to

  • Awesome Friends to share your adventures with

Planning a Road Trip is alot of fun and you never know where the Journey will take you..  Safe Travels