What to do in Singapore

Singapore has a rich history within this city, full of Juxtaposition from Contemporary Blue Buildings to the Bright Coloured Colonial Houses. Full of wonderful Nature climbing up the walls making a city of Gardens.  Singapore is a huge multicultural hub, full of temples and people from all over the world giving this beautiful city a vibrant atmosphere.

This is a perfect place for a 3 day Stopover flying across the world. Now I have discovered having a stopover break, I will continue to do this when I travel between Europe and Australia. It gives you the perfect reason to experience new places.  

Here is my wonderful experience in Singapore, I can't wait to go back to immerse into the city.


Singapore Botanic Gardens


Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great way to start off a trip to Singapore. It is a tranquil walk throughout a beautifully designed garden. The best way to get to the gardens is getting the Metro to Botanic Gardens MRT Station, then walk down and back throughout the gardens experiencing as much as possible. 

The highlights of the Botanic Gardens are the Foliage Garden, Evolution Garden, Symphony Lake, Healing Gardens and the Walk of Giant Treetops. Each Garden has a different personality. 

When you get hungry you have to go to The Bee's Knees at the Garage Restaurant located in the Foliage Garden. The food is to die for, it was the best food I had in a long time. I would go back again and again for the food.


When in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a Must See Experience is the National Orchid Garden (S$5). The Orchid is the National Flower of Singapore and it is the essence of the City.  The Garden has Thousands of Orchids, with all varieties you will ever see in the world. It is a wonderful afternoon to have. 


Gardens by the Bay


The most famous icon of Singapore, all over the travel books. It is 100% worth the visit. I was lucky enough to have jet-lag to go early enough. Which is perfect. It is a relaxing walk throughout the gardens, experiencing the gardens without the heat and huge amount of people. All of nature's friends and gardens are waking up to keep you company.


The Supertrees aka OCBC Skyway is open from 9am - 9pm (S$8, cash only). It offers the perfect views of the City and Gardens. It was wonderful experience to be able to walk through these Architectural Treetops.


Visiting the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome Conservatories. Buy a combined ticket for both (S$28). The Flower Dome offers Gardens from across the world but the Forest Dome is the highlight. It is a big Mountain you get to climb weaving throughout with Waterfalls. It is a magical place to visit.


As fantastic Gardens by the Bay is by the day, It is even greater at Night. Each night at 7.45pm and 9.45pm there is a Light show amongst the Supertree Grove. It is a wonderful sight to behold. I was extra lucky I was there for Christmas, there was a Christmas Light show along with Christmas Markets through the gardens.  

Visiting Gardens by the Bay must me on your bucket list.


Raffles Hotel


Raffles Hotel is the home of the Famous Singapore Sling. I am a fan of cliches while travelling and this it perfect moment to embrace it.  It is an iconic Hotel in Singapore, giving you the feel of Singapore's Past.  The Long Bar is the bar to go to for the Singapore Sling, but due to repairs I was even luckier to experience The Bar & Billiard Room. I felt like Miss Phyrne Fisher walking in a Bar from the 1920's.  Sitting at the bar, nibbling the Peanuts (they encourage you to throw the lefts over on the floor) and drinking my Singapore Sling was one of my favourite moments in my life. 


Singapore River


Marina Bay and Singapore River, offer a vibrant life on the waters edge. From The Merlion of Singapore to Traditional Boat Trips and delicious food. There is so much to do, I need to go back to do more. During the day it is a nice walk along the water seeing the juxtaposition of Colonial Life and the Business world. For Lunch I walked upon an old street on the River called Boat Quay with little Restaurants full of locals and delicious Street Food.  My advance is to follow your nose and go where all the locals are at and boy I was lucky with my lunch.

At night along Clarke Quay and Marina Bay there are so many restaurants to feast at and wonderful Light Show showing the best side of Singapore.




In Chinatown you are chasing Temples and Colour.  Walking along Pagoda Street is a feast for your eyes, it is draped in lanterns and colour. If you like Shopping this is the place to be, it has everything from Nick-Nacks to Clothing. The best advice I could give to anyone is just to walk around Chinatown and enjoy the Atmosphere, discovering as much as you can. Try out Chinatown's Wet Market and Telok Ayer Street to experience what life use to be.


Chinatown is scattered in Temples from Buddhist and Hinduism. The highlights were the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple where there was statues of Buddha covered from floor to ceiling.  Sri Mariamman Temple rooftops draped with Hindu Deities.  Thian Hock Keng Temple is a nice traditional temple for the locals.


Little India


Little Indi is washed in Colour like the Holi Festival. Little India is Rich in Fabric, Food, Temples and Colour.  There is so much to see and do, just follow the colour and get lost.  

There are so many highlights to visit. If you are chasing colour, must sees of Little India are the House of Tan Teng Niah with each wall coated in a different colour.  With wonderful food stalls outside its door.                                                                                                                          There is wonderful Street Art of Indian life covered painted along the route.  Colonial Buildings on Dunlop Street. It is a feast for your eyes.                                                                                      An Umbrella Garden on Hindoo Road to rest your tired feet in the shade.


Look out for little Elephants throughout Little India with big smiles. 


Little India has multiple Temples throughout, the best to visit is Abdul Gafoor Mosque which is a starry Mosque and unlike anything I have seen before.  For a Hindu Temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It is covered in Beautiful Hindu Deities with lustrous colours draped over the walls. 

A must eat in Little India is Khanama Tandoori Restaurant on Norris Road. It has delicious food and a traditional atmosphere. 

 Little India is a perfect place for the Costume/Fashion addict.  With Rich Saris and Jewellery every where you look. Buffalo Road has the best variety in Little India to experience all the bests of shopping. (For more on shopping in Singapore see Blog)


Arab Street & Haji Lane


The heart of this area is the Golden Roof of the Sultan Mosque. With its rich history it is a wonderful experience feeling like your in Arabian Nights.  The pathway outside Sultan Mosque offers fantastic Arabic food, with Arab Tiles and delicious smells.


Further along the way is Haji Lane. It is a Colour Palette, full of street art.  It is full of wonderful photo opportunities, cafes and unique shopping. Snap your photos to your hearts content. 


Temple Culture


Singapore is full of Churches, Mosque, Buddhist and Hindu Temples. Each one is a wonder to behold. Each one has a unique personality and work together in harmony. There is such a community of multiculturalism.  It is wonderful to experience the offers of Lotus Flowers and praying with Incense at Buddhist Chinese Temples. The Temples and Mosques offers covers for visitor to wear when visiting. Always be respectful of their Religions and take note of where and where not to take photos.


A Mixed History


Singapore has such a mixture of History.  There is a rich history of the Peranakan Chinese, whose century old heritage can be seen throughout all of Singapore. Best showcased at the Peranakan Museum, if you enjoy understanding Culture this is the Museum to view. The Museum showcases life, customs and Traditional Costumes. 

Singapore has a rich display of Colonial Life, with buildings that feeling like they have come out of an Agatha Christie Novel.  Colonial Singapore is based around the old shore line which is around the Raffles Hotel. 


I feel like I barely touched the surface, I cant wait to go back again and see more.

For my tips on Singapore please have a look at my blog post.