Backyard Cinema at Christmas

Cinema is my first true love. I have always loved cinema it was an escapism into another world, creating such beauty no wonder I choose to become a Costumier for the screen. I get to visit other worlds every time I work so I am always looking for a way to have that wonder in my every day life when going to the Cinema. Lucky enough for me there are a few places that do that nowadays; I love a good Christmas film and Backyard Cinema does the best Christmas cinema experience in London.

Every year Backyard Cinema does a wonderful season for Christmas. I have been to Backyard Cinema when it was a Narina theme and we got to walk through a Wardrobe into a winter Forest. (insert heart eye emoji)


This year they have gone bigger and better. They have joined together with Winterville in Clapham Common and built a Circus Tent that leads in a Labyrinth that takes you into a Winter Forest along with also Alice in Wonderland maze with many doors to choose from to weave around the labyrinth.

There are so many great films to see during their Christmas Season such as Love Actually, The Holiday, Its a Wonderful Life and Home Alone. It really is the perfect cinema experience at Christmas along with being able to buy Mulled Wine & Popcorn to enjoy while watching the film.


So grab a cosy seat in the Winter Wonderland Cinema and snuggle up with a great Christmas movie. Afterwards why not also head into Winterville that is filled with food trucks, Christmas bars and so many carnival rides. It is a great Christmas adventure.