Christmas at Fortum & Mason

Fortum & Mason is one of my favourite past times in London, it is a chance to go into another world that feels like it hasn’t changed since the early 1900’s with that excitement for the department store. Fortum & Mason has been running since 1707 selling the finest teas and foods, it only grew from there to what it is nowadays.

I love coming here for Christmas as it feels like a time gone by, following wonderful traditions that are the essence of Christmas.


Christmas starts with the exterior with the wonderful Christmas Windows which are some of my favourite in London, they are always old fashioned and traditional showcasing the joys of Christmas from sharing a cup of Hot Chocolate to Candyland Trains, they never do wrong when it comes to that fantastic display. Not to forget the Christmas trees that glow in the night which a placed on the building outside.

Once you enter the shop you will be met with wonderful Christmas decorations that top the ceiling with the shop floor being covered in Christmas chocolates, hampers, puddings and teas to warm you up on the cold winter nights.


You will be able to find of the best decorations inside from the Main Staircase in the centre of the shop that changes its Christmas chandelier theme each year to the old staircase on the west side of the building with the Footmen taking care of the elaborate trees.


As you go up another level to each floor you will discover Christmas gifts for all, but the highlight is the Christmas Shop which has some of the best Christmas decorations in London, each one being unique and the aura of vintage from the Victorian period to memories of my Grandmother’s decorations she has had since the 1950s. There are so many beautiful things to see it is such an medina of Christmas joy.


Once you reach the top floor of Fortum & Mason you can enjoy a traditional Christmas Afternoon Tea which really is the icing on the cake of your Christmas experience at Fortum & Mason. If you are in the mood for a Afternoon Tea visit it is best to book in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on this lovely experience.

Fortum & Mason is the best place to visit at the beginning of the Christmas Season to inspire you and get you into the spirit of Christmas.