10 Christmas Things to do In London

London is such a diverse world, that only grows more festive come the time that the Christmas Lights begin to be hang up at the beginning of December. There are so many wonderful things to do to get you into the Christmas Spirit and it only gets bigger every year. From giant Christmas trees to markets, Christmas lights and places to eat, you can not get bored of Christmas in London. I have created a list with my top 10 things to do in London during Christmas after all my years of enjoying what the city has created, I hope you enjoy what I do every year in December as I get into the Christmas Spirit.


Carnaby Street Christmas Light

Carnaby Street is one of the best for Christmas Light, each year they do a wonderful light installation from disco balls and stars to Carnival scenes with Parrots coming out of Christmas Crackers to the theme of Bohemian Rhapsody lighting up the street so brightly. It is always worth going to Carnaby Street to see what fantastic style they have created as well as seeing what wonderful creations the shops have created for their Window Displays.


Regent Street Christmas Lights

Regent Street each year lines up the whole length of it with many an Angel that glows down upon us. They are such wonderful light installations that make me smile as they glow down on us when walking the cold streets during these long nights. It is the perfect way to cheer up yourself when facing the prospect of shopping for Christmas.


Covent Garden

Covent Garden is always a special part of London for me as it is the first place I discovered. It is such a unique place full of wonderful shops, cafes and restaurants that are all housed underneath this old place that was once a great market place in London. (I still smile when I think of Eliza Doolittle selling her flowers here). The Market goes all out every year with a different installation but the highlights are visiting the huge Christmas tree that lights up the entry way into the market place but my personally favourite is all the huge Mistletoe and disco balls that line the ceilings, that light up the whole place making it magical. It is the perfect place to have a kiss underneath the Mistletoe.


Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill is a highlight to be visited no matter what time of the year but at Christmas it becomes stunning with up to 90 Christmas trees covering exterior of the Pub. It is great to visit during the day but the highlight is at night with the fairy lights are turned up lighting up all the Christmas trees.


Ice Skating at Somerset House

I have always loved Ice Skating but for me when growing up it was Ice Skating inside during 30 degree heat, so being able to Ice Skate in the crisp air with Christmas cheer all around me is such a wonderful experience. Every year I love to go to Ice Skate at Somerset House, it is the perfect location to enjoy that fact it is Christmas in London.


Fortum & Mason Christmas Windows

Fortum and Mason is such an iconic old shop in London that has been running since 1707 selling homewares, teas and my favourite being the Afternoon Tea Saloon upstairs, but each year they do wonderfully traditional Christmas Windows. There is a new display every year celebrating the season and festivities which fall into the interior too with decorations draping the shop floors plus a great Christmas Shop. It is one of the best Christmas Windows in town.


Liberty’s Christmas Shop

Liberty is one of the fancies unique department shops in London. It has so many glorious items inside this building that was built in the Tudor Style but in the 1920s, it is a medina of treasures. Each year I love to see what Christmas Windows have been created, then following through into the main foyer with the Christmas ‘Chandelier’ they have created for the season, but the highlight is the Christmas shop. The Shop is like a trip to what it must be like in the Elf Workshop, it is filled with Christmas gifts, food and decorations. There are decorations that are traditional reds, white snowflakes, decorations that are flamingos and fruit and my personal favourite being alot of wonderful peacock decorations. It is a must visit for special Christmas treats for your tree.


Mulled Wine at John Lewis Roof Garden

John Lewis Roof Gardens is my hidden oasis for me in London, not many people know about it. I love Summer up there but I do love it during Winter too. They deck out the roof in Christmas Trees and Lights, including this year with a little Ice Rink to skate around. I love more than anything to snuggle up next to a Christmas Tree to enjoy the smells, with a blanket and a glass of Mulled Wine that they have created with Sipsmith Gin. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of Christmas.


The Nutcracker

A Christmas tradition that has been happening for years, you can’t do a holiday tradition without seeing the ballet of The Nutcracker or hearing the music of The Nutcracker. I may even dance around the Christmas tree at least once to the famous music. You can visit one of the performances of The Nutcracker throughout London either at the Royal Opera, the Royal Albert Hall or my personal favourite at the National Ballet. For more about the Nutcracker have a look at my blog.


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is the highlight for everyone during Christmas. It is filled with everything you want to experience for Christmas from the markets across Europe, to the Carnival Rides (so many too) to the traditional German Food, the Beer Halls, Hot Chocolate and Mulled Wine, the Ice Skating Rink and even visiting Santa Claus. It is something for every one and a fantastic evening out in the Christmas lights.