Yves Saint Laurent: Dreaming of the Orient

Yves Saint Laurent you all know him from his Couture to his elegant bags to his Perfume ‘Opium’ and the famous Mondrian dress, but something I didn’t know was that he had a Museum in Paris. I adore his one in Marrakech for its vibrant colours and its little museum about Berber Tribes in Morocco, it is really another piece of my heart there but I never thought he would open his doors to showcase some of his best work in Paris.

My friend teased me with photos of his exhibit in the Summer, so lucky enough for me I went to Paris for the weekend and first thing Sunday morning I was waiting outside the door to be let in to see his new exhibit Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient.


Dreams of the Orient brings together work from Yves Saint Laurent when he had a passion for designing beautiful garments that where inspired by India, China and Japan. Not only do you get to go up close to his works, you will also be able to see pieces from the Musee National des Arts Asiatiques and many of his fabulous illustration designs.

It is a mixture of inspiration from books he read that inspired him to create these looks and some pieces that he created after he got to visit the countries that inspired him. His real forte for his Dreams from the Orient was during the 1970s. Each item is a beautiful piece of work from the cut of the jacket to the beading or embellishment to the luxurious fabrics used.

It was absolutely wonderful getting to go into the world of Yves Saint Laurent, it felt beautiful and exotic, like I was a million miles away on the journey he took to create all these incredible pieces. From his Mongolian Fur Jackets, to the Gold Dragon Belt to the vivid silk Saris right down to the beaded Kimonos. What was an icing on the cake for me as a designer was being able to visit his studio space where he use to create, being able to see his design work, fabric swatches and buttons, hundreds of books on couture and the desk where he once sat.

It is the perfect little visit to have in Paris for all those who have a passion for fashion and costume.

Dreams of the Orient is running at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum from the 2 October 2018 to 27 January 2019. It is best to purchase tickets before your visit to ensure a time slot.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris 5 avenue Marceau 75116 Paris - France