Yayoi Kusama in London

Yayoi Kusama has always been an fascinating Woman to me. She created such unique pieces of art from her famous pieces that are covered in circles to her light installations to her massive canvas paintings that seems almost tribal. Today in London at the Victoria Miro Gallery, I got to experience all of these wonderful things for the first time.


Yayoi Kusama’s art work that is on at this exhibition includes new paintings from her My Eternal Soul collection, which made me long for Australia as it was set in a gallery with large windows bringing in so much natural light as well as the art work being in vibrant colours and shapes which gave it to me the sense of spirituality and ethic story from whatever culture that has inspired you the most.


We where able to get a wonderful day in this season to discover huge flower sculptures placed in the galleries waterside garden, that made these bright vibrant flowers feel like they belonged allowing the world to light up a bit.


We got to see what I feel she is famous for, which is her Pumpkin Sculptures and Dotted Canvas’. It really effected me seeing these pieces of work which I did not expect these feelings to come up. As I looked into these paintings I became dizzy and felt lost, after sharing my passion and enjoyment of the art work with a gallery attendant we discussed how inspirational her work is as she suffers from mental health issues and she showcases her struggle with the world via these pieces of art. It is her expression and release of a hard toxic subject which we all need to discuss more and something I suffer from too. We both admired her innovation and the creativity of her work, which allowed us to express ourselves by just admiring each piece of art and the amount of love that goes into each circle she paints. From these giant pumpkins with dots defining the mood and shape of each sculpture to these canvas’ that you need to admire up close to witness every single brush stoke that goes into each dot.


The highlight of the exhibit for me was a light installation that has been created for this exhibit in London. It was a glorious room covered in mirrored walls with dark lamps with the brightest dots of light being ejected into the world. The room was breathtaking, charming and just magical, I would have easily spent hours in this place admiring all the beauty and serenity as the lights changed colours creating a world that felt safe from the busy streets of life.

The Moving Moment when I went to the Universe is being held at the Victoria Miro Gallery, sadly the exhibition has become fully booked but they ask you to follow them on their social media accounts for any information about additional or available tickets. If you didn’t make it to her latest exhibit this time around, it is worth waiting to see what Yayoi Kusama brings to London in the future or if you are travelling have a look if her art work is being displayed in your travel city.

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