Christmas Windows in London

Christmas window displays have been always one of my favourite things to do. Every year as a child we would catch the train into Sydney Town to look at the Christmas windows at David Jones (which I still do when I am in Sydney at Christmas). Living in London there are 100s of windows that do fantastic Christmas Windows, I just love walking around the city to see what is going on from Clothing Brands to Restaurants there are such wonders every season in these windows.

While walking around Soho, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street you will see great shop windows but I have a few favourites places that do massive and fantastic Window displays, there are things from fantasy and Christmas Spirit, every single one being unique and amazing to witness every season.



Harrods is a icon in Knightsbridge from its fantastic shopping and exquisite food, it has been a haven since 1849. Every year the Window displays are of course iconic from snow worlds, fairy tale princess’ to this themes that celebration the glitz glamour of the Christmas Season. Make sure you visit every window along the building front as they showcase such wonderful displays that capture a Harrods Christmas.


Harvey Nicholas

Harvey Nicholas is the second option to visit in Knightsbridge with wonderful displays. It has its own wonderful display that is bright and vibrant that celebrates Christmas from being immersed into a snowy wonderland or being in a glitter land. Nothing beats walking around Knightsbridge of a winter evening enjoy the Christmas windows, the Christmas lights and a hot chocolate.


Fortum & Mason

Fortum & Mason is an old department shop in London. Each year the window displays are a traditional Christmas vibe, with fairy tales, candyland rides, flying mince pies and such beautiful items that are the essence of Christmas. It is a must visit for Christmas for more about Fortum & Mason at Christmas have a look at my blog.



Selfridges may be a shop that is over 100 years old but it is one of the hippest places to see Christmas window displays. It always has modern, groovy Christmas themes that are often tied with the cultures of living London. This year it is about Santa being a rock star where you also get to see Santa dressed in music cultures that are homages to the past of London, along with a cool Santa Claus.



Liberty is a wonderful shop in central London that is set in this amazing Tudor Hall built in the 1920s. Each year they do lovely displays inside and out each is wonderful from its Christmas Shop to the Christmas Chandelier to the Christmas Windows. It is always a nice little visit to see what they have in store for us each year.

So grab a hot chocolate and enjoy strolling the streets of London for wonderful Christmas Window Displays, no matter where you go, you will be able to find something memorising and wonderful to marvel at.