Christmas in Edinburgh

Nothing beats a Christmas Market in Europe, the smell of mulled wine and food baked in cinnamon is in the air along with the Christmas music in the background.

Edinburgh plays host to a variety of little Christmas adventures dotted throughout the city from Traditional Markets selling Christmas decorations and presents through to a ice rink for skating to carnival rides and shows.


Santa Land

Down in the middle of the Valley of the Gardens that splits the New and Old Towns of Edinburgh is Santa-Land that is filled with such wonderful games and carnival rides. There is a Santa Train, a Carousel, Candy Cane themed Bunjees, a Chair-O-Plane, a Helter Skelter Tower, A Reindeer Ride, a Rollercoaster and lets not forget the Christmas Tree Maze. These are just some of the highlights, tickets for the rides start from £2 - £5 per person, you can either book online or purchase on the day at the ticket booths inside Santa-Land.


East Princes Street Gardens

Right next door to Santa Land is the East Princes St Gardens that is full of wonderful Christmas Joy. There are many wonderful Christmas Markets filled with such treats from Christmas Decorations to presents and the most important, delicious Christmas food and drinks. We found so much delicious things to enjoy from Mulled Wine to Churros and the most delightful Christmas ornaments that sit on my Christmas Tree. Also at the East Princes Streets Gardens is the big Ferries Wheel that looks over all of Edinburgh as well as a Star Flyer with its big star in the sky with screams of delight. It is by far a must do Christmas Market in Edinburgh.


Saint Andrew Square

Saint Andrew Square is by far the coolest and most Christmas Ice Skating Rink I have been to. It is shaped as a large wreath that you get to skate around with a Christmas Lodge Bar inside the middle with the most cosy theme and tasty Mulled Wine all topped of with Christmas Trees dotted around the edging. The Ice Rink is open from 10am to 10pm every day and it is best to prebook your tickets to ensure you don’t miss out on this wonderful Ice Rink.


George Street

George Street offers such an array of different things to do, from the charming restaurants that are decorated to the nines with Christmas Cheers with Christmas menus to some Christmas Markets and Food Stalls to this years (2018) latest event known as Silent Night. Silent Night will be Silent Disco under a array of Christmas Arches in the most vibrant lights. The headphones will play 3 different playlist; Santa’s Sparkles for families, Christmas Crackers with the favourite Christmas songs and Disco Delights for a party vibe. Make sure you prebook tickets to one of these disco events to ensure you don’t miss out. This sounds werid and wonderful making it quite a sight to see.

During my trip in 2017 I was lucky enough to go to an Ice Sculpture Hall that was the special event held that year in George Street. It was filled with the most wonderful ice sculptures themed for Christmas and Scotland, we had so much fun seeing all these beautiful artworks and enjoying the illusion of being what could have been the North Pole.


Castle Street

The place to see Santa is at Castle Street where Santa awaits to meet you all in his little Grotto. Nothing beats seeing Santa, even to this day it brings me much joy to see that man with the rosy cheeks and white beard knowing there will be Christmas presents underneath my Christmas Tree soon. Tickets for Santa must be prebooked to ensure you don’t miss out on visiting him.

There are multiple shows on offer across the city during the Christmas period so have a look what is on offer for all ages.

I absolutely loved the Christmas atmosphere in Edinburgh, it was all set in beautiful iconic places in Edinburgh with a little bit of everything for everyone. It is the perfect weekend adventure away to get into the spirit of Christmas and a chance to discover Edinburgh when it is lit up in the most wonderful colours from the Christmas Lights and Cheer.