Harry Potter in London

The Magical world of Harry Potter has touched every ones heart one way or another. From the escapism of another world, to the desire to play Quidditch on a broomstick to learning magic and most importantly all of us waiting for our letter to Hogwarts when we were 11 years old.

Luckily enough for me I just happened to land my feet in the heart of the world of Harry Potter by living in London. I was always fascinated to learn where Harry travelled to when shopping for his school supplies to boarding the train to Hogwarts. Since living here I have loved discovering the World of Harry Potter and I couldn’t think of a better time to share my version of Harry Potter’s London as the new Film ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is about to be released, letting us enter another branch of the Wizarding World.


Warner Bros Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter

This is the heart of the world of Harry Potter. The Warner Bros Studio Tour based on the outskirts of London at Leavesden Studios where the Harry Potter series was filmed. You will be able to get to see all the film sets you wished you where apart of, from the Great Hall where so many wonderful memories happened, to the Gryffindor Tower, Dumbledore’s Office, to the Weasley’s Burrow, Diagon Alley and everything else in between. It is a chance to see the magic behind the lens, the costume design, props making and all the design work. You will be able to get ride a Broomstick, hop on the train at Platform 9¾ and most importantly taste Butterbeer.

It is such a wonderful experience that you will want to visit again and again. On my first visit we spend 6 hours there being immersed into the world. Of course it ends with a fantastic shop full of everything you ever could wish for from the films.

When visiting The Making of Harry Potter, make sure you prebook you tickets, as you can not buy any at the door. You will receive a time slot on your chosen day.

Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter. Studio Tour Dr, Leavesden WD25 7LR Tube Station Watford Junction with a shuttle bus that leaves every 20 minutes. The Shuttle bus cost £2.50 for Return Ticket.


Platform 9¾

The iconic moment in the Films and Books was when Harry Potter first boards the train to Hogwarts, we all wish we could experience the magic of going through the brick wall to discover Platform 9¾. At King Cross Station there is a homage for us Muggles to experience what Harry went thought, there is Harry Potter’s luggage on the wall frozen in time for us to be able to act out going to Platform 9¾. It is best to go earlier in the morning when the queue is shorter. You will be able to get photos taken for purchase or your own photos, as well as a shop next door to purchase all your needs for the Hogwarts Express.

Platform 9¾ is location nearby the Left Luggage at King Cross Station. The trolley and shop are open from 8am to 10pm every day apart from Sunday 9am - 9pm.

Platform 9¾ King's Cross, Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9AP


St Pancras

St Pancras Station is the exterior location for the Train Station to Hogwarts, you made recognise it from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when the Ford Anglia is seen flying up into the sky. St Pancras Station is nowadays home to the Eurostar as well as the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. It was built in 1868 and has stood the test of time as one of the great architectural train stations in London that is worth having a stroll throughout to witness the juxtaposition as the Victorian World and 21st Century colliding.

St Pancras International Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4QP


Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is one of the oldest markets in London, being founded in the 14th century, which makes it the perfect location for where The Leaky Cauldron was in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You will recognise the Markets from Harry and Hadrid walking to the Leaky Cauldron for Harry to go shopping for his first years of school. Today the entrance is a optometrist but you can walk around this wonderful unique location in the heart of all the sky scrapers in London. There are many great cafes and restaurants to enjoy that allows you to soak in the atmosphere.

Leadenhall Market Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT


Ye Olde Chesire Cheese

You may not be able to visit The Leaky Cauldron in central London but you can visit a Pub that is just as amazing as the Film’s set. Ye Olde Chesire Cheese is the oldest pub in London being built after the Great Fire in 1667. The pub is a maze of rooms to enjoy from the front room with a bar and a working fire place with wood chippings all over the floor taking you back to the ye olde days, down to the many cellars that once belonged to a monastery. You can imagine Hadrid sitting in this pub as he is about to do his shopping in Diagon Alley.

Ye Olde Chesire Cheese Open from Monday to Friday 11.30am - 11pm and Sunday 12pm - 11pm. 145 Fleet St, London EC4A 2BU


The House of Mima Lima

The House of Mima Lima is one of the best shops for all Harry Potter in London. It was created just in time for the release of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them in 2016 and it was meant to be a Pop Up Shop. It became so popular and you can see why, it was created by the Graphic Designers from the Harry Potter Film franchise Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. You can buy everything from the Wizarding World from notebooks to little nick knacks you saw in the films to books behind the scenes as well as classic novels that they have jazzed up such as Peter Pan & Beauty and the Beast. It really is the most wonderful shop, just like a shop you could have visited in Diagon Alley.

House of Mima Lima Open every day 12pm - 7pm 26 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 5DE


Primark: Tottenham Court Road

Now Primark wouldn’t be one of your first choices in London to visit the world of Harry Potter but trust me it is. Primark has created a unique part of the shop dedicated to the Wizarding World that has been covered to the nines with Letters from Hogwarts and Owls above your head, it feels like another shop in Diagon Alley. The Shop sells wonderful garments from Pajamas, to every day wear, jewellery and great bags, the options are endless.

Primark is open every day 8am to 10pm, apart from Sunday 12pm - 6pm. 14-28 Oxford St, Fitzrovia, London W1D 1AU


Goodwins Court

Goodwins Court is meant to be the inspiration for both Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley just depending on what time of the day you visit its lane ways. It still looks like the day it was built from the 1600s with its bending walls, wooden window fronts and its air of magic. It is a perfect lane to stroll down and witness how much of the old world influence JK Rowling as she sat down to write the wonderful stories.

Goodwins Court, London, WC2N 4LL


Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge is a special spot for me, I first saw the bridge during the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when the Death Eaters invade and destroy the bridge. But I was so interested in the bridge, it was unique and in the heart of London. When I want to rediscover London or need some peace of mind I go to the Millennium Bridge to take in the scene around me, the quietness of the river and the moment you think God I am in London, it is still a shock to me. It has perfect views all around you, it lines up perfectly with St Paul’s Cathedral and a little secret is, if you look down at the bridge you will find little pieces of chewing gum that have been painted by local artist Ben Wilson.

Millennium Bridge Thames Embankment, London SE1 9JE


The Cauldron

The Cauldron is one of the latest experiences to have in London that will transport you to the world of Harry Potter. The Cauldron is a wonderful immersive experience in drinking cocktails. The Cauldron will welcome you into their doors where you will be handed a Robe and Wand which will allow you to create your Potion Cocktails. It is an incredible and unique experience to have in London. I absolutely loved this experience, try hard not to say spells as you make wonderful and delicious cocktails. For more on this experience have a look at my blog about my visit.

To visit the Cauldron prebook a date and time slot for the visit to avoid disappointment of missing out.

The Cauldron is opened Wednesday to Sunday from 11am - 11.30pm with prices varying from Peak to Off-Peak times. 7 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB, UK


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

In 2016 the world of Harry Potter was able to expand into a new front that had never been done before with the theatre show of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It is set 19 years after the books where it has old characters such as Harry, Ron and Hermoine plus their children who are experiencing life at school. It is yet another way for us to enjoy a new chapter of the Harry Potter World. I am excited as I have finally bought my tickets to the show which is divided in 2 plays. You can either see the shows as a matinee and a evening show or see them on different nights. I can not wait to discover what the famous 3 wizard’s children get up to when their parents are away.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets can be bought via the website. It is best to prebook in advance to ensure good seats. 113 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, London W1D 5AY


The Giant Wands of Wizards

A Special treat happening in London at the moment (the moment being early November 2018) coincides with the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Nearby at St Paul’s Cathedral there are Giants Wands from the original films and the new film franchise that are illuminated every night until the 13th November. From 6.45pm until 10.45pm every night they are light up with a display every 30 minutes. There is also a chance to donate to JK Rowling’s charity Lumos which helps move children from orphanages into loving families, you can help support Lumos by either a donation or purchasing a special Newt Salamder Wand Pin sold by some lovely people dressed in wizarding robes. It is something not to miss out on while it is in London.

The combination of London and Harry Potter creates so much magic. You can never get tired of revisiting these wonderful places over and over again and look forward to discovering what they will come up with yet.

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