JPG's Fashion Freak Show

In the heart of Paris, on a crisp Autumn evening we made our way to the cabaret hall of the Folies Bergere to witness the genius and wonder of Jean Paul Gaultier’s newest foot print in the world, we got to see his Fashion Freak Show.

Jean Paul Gaultier has been one of my favourite designers for years. His works are unique, outrageous, prerogative, wonderful and not to mention absolutely beautiful. I think the first moment that I saw his creations was when watching the Fifth Element when I was 8 years old. I had never been so in love with these wonderful crazy Sci Fi costumes, I use to pretend I was the Opera Singer in the film as I longed to be that unique and beautiful as she was.

If you don't know who Jean Paul Gaultier is, you are missing out. He was made part of Pop Culture when he designed Madonna's famous Cone Bra Corset for her Blonde Ambition Tour. You will also recognise his work from his punk rock look including punky kilts, his perfume bottles in the shape of a woman and man, the dress for Marion Cotillard when she won her Oscar, making the costumes for Kylie Minogue, having Dita Von Teese showcase some of his best corset pieces but he is probably famous for his sailor inspired Breton shirts. Rally the essence of Jean Paul Gaultier is 'sailor stripe and cone bras'.


This year Jean Paul Gaultier has once again broken new boundaries, by creating a Show Extravaganza at the Folies Bergere. His show Fashion Freak Show is a showcase of his life, the inspiration that made him the designer that he is and all the fabulousness in between.

The show begins with a homage to Nana, who was Jean Paul Gautlier’s childhood bear given to him by his Grandmother who was a huge inspiration for him during his life. Nana was his first model and his first iconic look where he performed surgery on his bear by opening her up to have a look at her heart, to attach big red lips and most importantly attach the first cone bra. I loved during the show all the little nods to her and her importance, I have never seen such a good looking bear in a corset before.

The show goes into detail about his childhood, the early days working as a courtier, a wonderful and moving homage to the love of his life Francis who passed as in 1990. All of this is shown off with his famous designs, garments which you wish where draped around you and all topped off with fun music and dance moves.

It showcases how he changed the way we look at fashion and models. What I love about Jean Paul Gaultier is his inclusivity. He doesn't believe fashion makes you beautiful, but he believes the person makes the fashion beautiful. He adores all different types of people and always has prided himself including models of all shapes and sizes. He has been pushing that boundary since the 1970s when he wanted to include a beautiful African model right through to now by using the Rockstar Beth Ditto with all her curves as a model.


Jean Paul Gaultier helps end the show by having a moment to talk with the audience about the beauty of all of us no matter who we are, that being your truest self is a great source of inspiration. It was his dream from the age of 9 when he first saw the girls of the Folies Bergere on television was to have a Show of his own here and we have helped him make his dream come true.. all he ever wanted was his teddy Nana to be on the stage at the Folies Bergere covered in feathers.

It Chic to be a Freak…..

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show is running at the Folies Bergere until well here is the updated verison, IT KEEPS GETTING EXTENDED so hard a look on the website if it is still showing as it is a fantastic experience to have, so make sure you hop onto the Eurostar to spend the weekend enjoying Paris in all her glory and to see this show to be the cherry on the top.