Welcome to my World of Adventure

Iā€™m a Medina of the World. I am a Australian/ French Girl living in London, with a passion for Life, Adventure, Travel and Costume.

I spent my childhood growing up in Australia often travelling to France via Asia to visit family along with getting to travel around Europe discovering such wonderful sights and culture, needless to say I got a passion for art, history and people from these experiences that I knew I wanted to become a Costumier which allowed me to explore different worlds from Folk History, Languages spoken, moments in time and incredible people from History that inspired the world they lived in.

By age 19 I knew I had to push myself further so I moved to the United Kingdom to study Costume Design. What a fantastic opportunity I got to experience by living as a Young Woman in Europe, being able to be in the heart of history where I was able to go to Greece to see Acropolis right through the Castles in England, being able to soak in the Cultures of Europe from the Languages spoken to the little provinces that have their own personalities, being close to my Family in France where I get to go for weekend breaks and just being excited to travel all across the World as London is the gateway to my wildest dreams.

Through my website you will be able to join in my adventures as I talk about my travels across the world,my passion for living a life of adventure and new discovery that awaits. You will be able to find guides about different cities to visit, places to eat and fantastic exhibitions that await for your discovery. So why not join me ofn these adventures, as I hope my life will inspire you to explore, live a life in full and show you the beauty that I see.

If you want to see more about my Costumier side why not head over to my sister website where I showcase the Costumes I have designed as well as my latest range of art which is Denim Goddess Jackets. Denim Goddess Jackets are denim jackets that have been embroidered with Women throughout History that have inspired me and the people around me, you will be able to learn each strong Woman and how they have made a mark on us.